Friday, January 27, 2012

China Glaze 2012 - Spring/Summer Collections

China Glaze is probably my favorite brand of nail polish. For a step above drug store polishes, they're  cheap and easy to buy at online e-tailers. They tend to stray away from the basic reds, berries and nudes that seem to be a staple in every woman's nail polish collection. I am not a boring red/berry/nude kind of girl, so I appreciate their bright and saturated colors. Anyway, this is what is up and coming for 2012!
It's a long, graphic heavy post so, click to read more for the rest!

Magnetix -- These are part of a relatively new trend of magnetic nail polishes. The Icing and Claire's have come out with a line of Magnetic polishes that I saw at the mall yesterday. I didn't buy them though because I am holding out for a couple of these. What I like is that their magnet come separately and has more than just the stripe design that nails inc. and other brands have already come out with. Ulta carries an pricey brand of magnetic polishes (I can't remember if it's LCN or Layla) behind their sales counter with the magnet designs, but I am not rich, so I'll hold out for these. I asked Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply yesterday when they're getting these in, they said soon, but they don't actually have a date. I'm guessing that means Feb/March. However, you CAN order these at Trans Design for $4.60ea. You can see a review of these at my Nail Polish BFF's blog. Carina L'etoile's Polish Stash.

Alright, for Spring 2012, this is ElectroPop. You can find a review of them at The Polish-Aholic .
These are already available. I suggest buying these at Trans Design for $2.99 ea.

Next up, we have the Summer 2012 collection called On Safari. Although it's a summer collection, they will be coming out this Spring.

And lastly, a special promotion collection for the movie based on the book, Hunger Games. This collection is called Colours from the Capitol. These will be available March 23 at Trans Design.

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