Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cleaning Your Brushes

I've watched countless YouTube tutorials and read billions of beauty blog posts and tried out tons of tips for cleaning your makeup brushes. I got bits and pieces of information from each of them, and I shall share them with you! You're welcome.

I bought a starter set of Face Secrets brushes a couple years ago at Sally Beauty Supply, I had always used the applicators that came with the makeup before that. If that's what you're doing, you are seriously missing out. My starter brush set was about $15 and I still use them!

Over about a year, I collected a few more shadow and liner brushes, so after they were all dirty, I bought a bottle of brush cleaner at Sally's. The WHOLE bottle was gone after cleaning my brushes ONCE. After that, I decided to read a bunch of blogs and watch a ton of YouTube videos and find out what the best recipe is for your own homemade brush cleaner.

I watched an old Michelle Phan video about cleaning brushes using dish soap and olive oil. The dish soap acted as an anti-bacterial grease cutter and cleanser and the olive oil was supposed to keep the brushes soft.
However, I think it ruined my Kabuki and blush brush, they never quite picked up the powders the same ever again, I must have used too much olive oil or something.

I came across a YouTuber (EnKoreMakeup) who seems to have the perfect recipe though.
Home Made Brush Cleanser - EnKoreMakeup
If you're too lazy to watch the video... this is the recipe.

Home Made Brush Cleanser
Use a 2 Cup container.

1 cup  Purified or distilled water
1/3 cup Isopropyl alcohol
1 tbs Dish Soap
1/2 tbs Shampoo (baby shampoo was recommended)
1tbs Leave- In Conditioner spray (NOT gel or cream)

Stir gently with a brush so that it does not create suds.

That's the used cleanser btw.

Read More After the Jump for cleaning and drying instructions as well as brush recommendations.

He recommended storing it in a bottle, but I wanted to clean all of my brushes so I just shoved all of my brushes in. After they were all in and I stirred it around a little more, I started with 1 brush and wiped the bristles against the mixing cup while it was submerged in the cleanser. I could see all the makeup float out of it. Yay!

Once it seemed like it didn't have any makeup left in the brush, I set it aside on a paper towel and did the same with the rest. I did my blush and kabuki brush last because they were pretty dirty and needed a good soak. After that, I rinsed them out in the sink and brushed them gently on a dry paper towel.

This is where I took some tips from Michelle Phan's video on how to dry your brushes. You want to hang them to dry with the bristles hanging down. Seems logical, she recommended these Brush Guard things.
That's nice but, I'm unemployed so I said F that and taped them on my closet door. Works for me!

Brush Recommendations:
I honestly never use my concealer or foundation brushes, I think they're more for putting makeup on OTHER people to be a bit more sanitary. I find that just warming it and rubbing it on with my hands works best. So, if you want to skip those, you totally can.

1. Kabuki Brush: I use the Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki brush, which is $11.49 at Ulta and love it.

 2. Blush Brush: I use the Face Secrets blush brush I got in the Face Secrets Professional 5pc Travel Set at Sally. $14.99
Blending Brush: Omg, you NEED a blending brush, they are awesome. I use the Face Secrets Blending Brush that came in the Face Secrets Travel Set.

 4. Shadow Brush: My favorite shadow brushes EVER come with makeup. They're little but they pick up so much shadow and I use them instead of the other shadow brushes I've bought. They come with L'Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments. I have 3 of them, the powder shadow is nice too. $10.19

Walgreens has the best sales on what they call "drug-store makeup", if it's not on sale this week, it's probably on sale next week.

   5. Eyeliner brush: Again, comes with makeup. L'Oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner. I love this eyeliner, the brush has very short, firm bristles so it's much easier for someone like me that sucks at putting eyeliner on to apply. The cream liner is kind of hard and cakey, I wet the brush down, stick it in and wipe off the excess on the side of the jar. It looks close to a pencil liner (especially if you smudge it with a pencil liner smudger) except it ACTUALLY stays on. $10.19

Those are the only brushes I feel like I would really die without. I'm sure the expensive brushes are better, but I definitely cannot afford those!

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