Saturday, February 4, 2012

Battle of the Mascaras

So, for a long time now I've been searching for the perfect mascara. I picked up these 6 at different times based on advertisements and blog reviews and I finally decided just to compare them all, one after the other... After all that mascara and makeup remover though, my eyes feel like this right now... >.<

Up for review, Maybelline - The Falsies, Dior - Diorshow, CoverGirl Exact Eyelights, L'Oreal - Telescopic Explosion, L'Oreal Double Extend and CoverGirl Lash Blast.

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Maybelline - The Falsies: I've heard a bit of a fuss about this one, it must be mostly due to advertising and that it's the newest though. I found it very awkward to apply and I thought it looked kind of strange. I didn't really like it, heh.
Pros: It has a purple bottle.
Cons: Hard to Apply, Not Great Results.
Price: $5.94 at Target

Dior - Diorshow: On most blogs and magazines, this is the number one pic out of all mascaras. That claim was enough for me to stick out the $24 price tag. Ouch...
Pros: Volume, Length, Bragging Rights.
Cons: Fat brush, Price.
Price: $24 at Sephora and Ulta

CoverGirl - Exact  Eyelights: This mascara doesn't advertise length or volume, it's advertised with having a copper shimmer for Hazel Eyes. (There are others for Blue/Green/Brown Eyes) I would actually tie this with Diorshow for best mascara. It had the best brush and the least clumpy formula, I doubt you can beat this for drugstore Mascara.
Pros: Smooth Formula, hard bristled/easy to handle brush. Ties Diorshow for Volume and Length.
Cons: Nothing .
Price: $7.24 at Target

L'Oreal - Telescopic Explosion: I got this one because I liked the idea of the tiny ball brush, I'm a pretty clumsy person and I do not have a steady hand. When I apply mascara, I usually try to apply a lot on the outer edge and not so much on the inner edge. This is perfect for that. If you suck at applying mascara, this is the one for you.
Pros: Most Length, Tiny Brush, Most Separation, idiot proof.
Cons: Doesn't do much for Volume.
Price: $7.99 at Target

L'Oreal - Double Extend: This one features a primer on one end and a regular mascara on the other end. The only problem is that it builds up fast and when you're done, you have way too much product on your lashes. It sticks them together instead of separating them.
Pros: Blackest
Cons: Sticks your lashes together, hard to apply.
Price: $8.99 at Target

CoverGirl - Lash Blast: This one has probably been out the longest. It's been out for years, it's safe and I honestly think A LOT of people use it. I thought it was okay. It's good for people that want a more daytime look. It's not for me, though.
Pros: Not much for length or volume compared to the others.
Cons: Underwhelming.
Price: $6.99 at Target

Winner: CoverGirl - Exact Eyelights. You can't beat that price when the product is as good as Diorshow.
Loser: CoverGirl - Lash Blast.

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