Tuesday, February 14, 2012

China Glaze - Attraction

After the week of color, I've decided to take a break from it. That doesn't mean it will be boring though!

This is the gorgeous Attraction from the Magnetix collection from China Glaze.

This stuff takes a couple tries to get right, but it's very easy. For best results, I've found that you should...
1. Put down a base coat
2. Put down a pretty thick first coat
3. Put down a medium thickness second coat
4. Use the magnet RIGHT away while it's still very wet.
5. Follow up with Seche Vite when you're done for a nice, high gloss.

If the top coat is too dry, the magnet will barely show up. I touched my nail to the magnet a couple times but you can take the polish off of the magnet with non-acetone nail polish remover just fine. Acetone might work, but I wouldn't risk destroying the magnet.

China Glaze - Attraction: TransDesign $4.50, 8ty8beauty.com $4.08;
 China Glaze Magnet: Also $4.50 from Trans Design and $4.08 8ty8beauty.com
Update: Looks like 8ty8beauty.com is just about sold out too. I'm not sure when Ulta and Sally will have them, but I am guessing they will be sold out quickly there as well.
You can also get nails inc. magnetic polish at Sephora $16
You can get Layla magnetic polish at Ulta $16
You can get Icing and Claire's magnetic polish at Icing and Claire's. less than $10
If you want the 3 design China Glaze magnet, you can use it on any magnetic polish and they are still available on the sites I provided.

Canadians: NailPolishCanada.com has them for $10.50 each.
Torontonians: When I was in TO, I found this cute place that might carry it, you can buy polishes cheaper than the usual retail price there.
Nails and Beauty Supply Jessica Cosmetic near Yorkdale Mall.

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