Friday, February 3, 2012

Coastal Scents & Fyrinnae

Today, I'll be reviewing Coastal Scents Glitter Powder and some Fyrinnae shadows using their glitter primer, Pixie Epoxy. Both are indie makeup brands that you can only buy online.

First up is Coastal Scents Glitter Powder. I got these quite a while ago when they called them "Cosmetic Glitter". I'm not sure what size I got, I don't remember. I'm pretty sure it was the sample size. These will only run you $1.50 per sample or $3.95/oz. They also offer 8oz and and 1lb but I can't imagine ever needing that much unless you're into making your own makeup line. As a random swatch, I threw in Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers in Confetti that I picked up at Walgreens in their Halloween display for $1.99.

I swatched these over the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base. When I ordered, they gave me a bonus sample, Golden Fairy Dust. I highly recommend using Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base for glitters though you can also use clear lip gloss and pat the glitter on top with a brush. It really brings out the sparkle.

Coastal Scents:
Top: CS Pinky Glitter, CS Ocean Blue Glitter, CS Jade Green, WnW Confetti; Bottom: CS Sahara Sand, CS Black Magic Hologram, Cappucino, Golden Fairy Dust 

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On many makeup blogs, I saw Fyrinnae shadow reviews and I decided I had to buy some. They said that it could take up to a MONTH to deliver them, I decided to take the risk. They showed up in about 10 days.
For glitter shadows, I would choose to order from Coastal Scents again, but the Pixie Epoxy is fantastic.

I really liked Damn Paladins(shimmery taupe), Dinosaur Plushie(white/holo) and Snow White(matte black) over a regular shadow primer. The Pixie Epoxy is a little uncomfortable to wear, but it's worth it to bring out the glitter. Their regular matte and shimmers work well over a regular primer. I use Lorac Behind the Scenes Primer and I liked it better than Urban Decay Primer Potion. I have yet to try Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I ordered the Sample sizes for $2 each(1/3 tsp), full size shadows are $5.90(3 grams). I got the Dinosaur Plushie color as a bonus sample and I LOVELOVELOVE it as a highlight in the corner of your eye. Snow White works great as a matte dark dark black powder to set your liquid or gel/creme liner.

Snow White, Dinosaur Plushie, Sleepy Hollow, Dressed to Kill, Shinigami, Damn Paladins and Immortal.

Sample Sizes, 1/3 tsp. Top: Snow White; Second Row: Dinosaur Plushie, Sleep Hollow, Dressed to Kill; Bottom Row: Shinigami, Damn Paladins, Immortal.
Fryinnae: Pixie Epoxy

I think both purchases were totally worth it, I love supporting indie companies and there is the added bonus that these are CHEAP as hell for the quality that they are. I also love the name of the Fyrinnae shadows.

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