Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ulta - Celebutante

Alright, sorry my blogging has majorly slowed down. I'm not gone or giving up! Just trying to give the nail that I broke some time to grow back, then I plan to go back to posting nearly everyday. This is an old swatch that I had saved up. The formula was decent, it wasn't bad but it definitely isn't China Glaze, Essie or OPI. This looks very similar to OPI - Funky Dunky from their 2010 Shrek collection. I don't have Funky Dunky to compare but I'm pretty confident they're similar enough to call it a dupe.

Ulta - Celebutante: $6 Ulta
 Ulta has changed their nail polish bottles since I got this (I got it while it was on sale for $2). I'm guessing they changed it because the cap sort of broke very soon after I got it...

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