Tuesday, March 6, 2012

China Glaze - Starboard

I am back from an unannounced and unexpected hiatus.
I'd love to tell you that I was waiting for my nails to grow back a little and that I'm working on taking better pictures. (Which requires being awake during daylight hours, I am a night owl.) But, that is only 20% of the reason, 80% was just me being very lazy.

I started using my mother's Pentax K10D which is amazing instead of my Kodak Easy Share C182 that I HATE.

Let me tell you why I hate it... this is supposed to be a point and shoot, dummy proof camera. The problem is, the camera is REALLY, REALLY stupid. It attempts to color correct for you, which means if you're taking a picture of something that has a lot of one color (eg: instance:neon green nail polish.) it "color correct" to a completely inaccurate color.

It has 10MP but the shutter speed is too slow, so if anything moves slightly while you are taking the picture, it blurs. If you take pictures indoors, they come out very grainy on the computer, and you have to majorly shrink the picture to hide the grainy-ness. It does not have an eye hole, so taking pictures outdoors is very difficult because you cannot see the display screen.

The only problem I have with the other camera is that it won't auto-focus in low-lighting unless you have the flash on.

But, alas... here is China Glaze - Starboard. This is from their Spring 2011 collection named Anchors Away.

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China Glaze - Starboard: Trans Design $3, Sally Beauty Supply & Ulta $6

China Glaze - Starboard: Trans Design $3, Sally Beauty Supply & Ulta $6

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