Saturday, March 24, 2012

China Glaze - You Move Me

I'm not a big fan of browns, but I was excited to get this color with the magnet because I thought it would look like Tiger's Eye(stone). It was similar but not nearly as close as I had hoped. It's still very pretty though.

This is kind of different because I put it over my Agro manicure. I held the magnet over it extra long because I was hoping Agro would shine through from underneath and it kind of did, in the night picture with the flash, you can see it shimmering through a little in the middle wave. I used a magnet from Icing's Magnetix collection because it had the wave pattern and I haven't showed that magnet design yet!

The magnet is not included with the China Glaze polishes and it costs the same as the polishes but it has three designs; Starburst, Chevron and Diagonal Stripes. However, at Sally Beauty Supply, if you buy two Magnetix polishes, you get the magnet free.

Color:  China Glaze - You Move Me: $4.60 TransDesign, $7 Sally Beauty Supply & Ulta.
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat: $8 Sally Beauty Supply, $10.
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder: $5.39 TransDesign, $7.49 Sally Beauty Supply & CVS.

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  1. Really love this colour! Reminds me of coffee xxx