Monday, March 19, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo and L'Oreal HIP Pigment

Today I'm going to split into two posts for my Sunday look. I had a family gathering so I decided to play with my eye makeup a little more than usual. So there will be one post for makeup and one for nail polish. :)

Now, I must warn you, I am no expert at applying makeup. Everything I learned, I learned online. I didn't even know you were supposed to wear more than one color of eyeshadow at a time until I was nearly 18. I also had some major problems with the creme shadow not going on smoothly, it is a lot more solid than your average creme shadow, it's more like a creamy gel liner. However, it was very humid(in Minnesota, in March...?!?) and the shadow didn't get melty at all like creme shadows tend to do.

 I went for a sort of... peacock look.

1.Inner Corner: Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo - Bold Gold
2.Outer Corner: Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo - Tenacious Teal
3.Middle: L'Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments - Rebel

4.Brow Highlight: Wet n Wild - Creme Shadow Pencil - 130 Pixie
5.Crease Shadow: CoverGirl Quad Shadow -  Coffee Shop

6.Liner: L'Oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner - Black
7.Mascara: CoverGirl Eyelights Mascara - Black Gold (for Hazel Eyes)

8. Primer: Lorac - Behind the Scenes Eye Primer (Not pictured)

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  1. It looks wonderful,and suits your eye color so well. Beautiful!