Friday, March 16, 2012

Sally's & Michaels haul and a nail art fail.

Well, today I was brave and went out to buy some nail art supplies and today... I experienced my first nail art fail.

I thought I'd try out something simple for St. Patty's day so I got some Sally Girl glitter from my haul at Sally Beauty Supply today. (I had a $10 off $20 coupon). Sally Beauty Supply only had one nail art brush I was interested for about $8 and no dotting tools. I went to Michaels in the same parking lot to find a brush instead. Not only did I find the brush I was looking for, I found a brush I'm going to attempt to use for striping and an "embossing" kit that just happens to look like the exact same thing as a dotting set.

The brushes can be bought as low as $2.99, I looked for the ones with the stiffest bristles. The "Embossing and Styling Set" was $4.99. We'll see how they work out, I guess. :D

Anyway, about that coupon, I saw this on The TraceFace Philes as the March Sally's $10 off $20 Birthday coupon that apparently was sent to some card owner. She updated the site later saying the coupon didn't work or something, but I printed it out and gave it a shot anyway. It worked fine, no questions asked, I used my own Sally card and everything, walked out with $10 of free loot. :)
See Sally's March Coupon

For my haul, I got a giant bottle of Non-Acetone nail polish remover $5.99, Orly - Bonder base coat(my favorite) $7.49, American Classes - Gelous $5.49, a medium blue file $1.19, a cuticle stick $0.59 and 2 small jars of Sally Girl glitter at $0.99each and paid $11.17 for it all.

At Michaels I spent $4.99 on the Embossing set, $2.99 x 2 on two brushes and $3.99 on some embossing powder that was prettier than the glitter I got at SBS. I spent $11.76. I even forgot about how Michaels has awesome coupons every week so I could have saved more. >.<
See Michaels Coupons

So, I spent $23 today and got all of this! yay!

For a nail art fail, read more. :)

I tried patting on the embossing powder to do a glitter fade with the fat topped brush first, the embossing powder was too fine to work with so it ended up looking "glompy".

So, I tried again with the Sally Girl Glitter and... it wasn't great. By the time I tried both of those I was pretty frustrated and just poured some glitter in the cap and dipped my tips in it. I had the best results with this but I think I need A LOT more practice with nail art. I'm going to call Nail Art Day 1 a failure. But, I will not give up yet!

I have to admit, by the last attempt I didn't really wait between coats and I think this might have contributed to the ginormous amount of tip wear later today.

Anyway, this is...
Color:  Sinful Colors - Show Me The Way; $1.99 Walgreens.
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder; $7.49 Sally Beauty Supply, $5.32 Trans Design.
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat; $7.99 Sally Beauty Supply, $10 Target.

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