Monday, April 16, 2012

Layla Magneffect - Metallic Sky

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Alright, here is another Magnetic post!! I will do the polish first since I seem to write a novel in front of every swatch lately...

The forumla was nice and thick, a little streaky. It was too expensive but they have a wide range of colors. The magnet is strong but it doesn't have a cuticle rest so it's a bit harder to use than the others brands. However, you have A LOT of color options with Layla.

Color: Layla Magneffect - Metallic Sky: $15.50 Ulta.
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat: $8 Sally Beauty Supply, $10 Ulta.
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder: $5.39 TransDesign, $7.49 Sally Beauty Supply & CVS.

Layla Magneffect - Metallic Sky
Indoors - Artificial Light w/flash

Layla Magneffect - Metallic Sky
Indoors - Natural Light

Here is some exciting news I saw on another blog, this isn't an official China Glaze press release and I have no idea when these are supposed to be released. This is a little preview on the Magnetix II collection, it has a new magnet with designs I haven't seen before. Hopefully this magnet is stronger than the last one!

These looks like some much more exciting colors and... I don't know about you guys, but I am NOT over magnetic polishes yet. :)  I know Finger Paints just recently came out with a collection of magnetics, but at this point they all seem to be the same colors. I would have liked to try every brand to compare!

Image Source: Marawei
 So, far my favorite magnetic brand is China Glaze. I've tried Nails Inc.  and now Layla to compare. Nails inc and Layla are just TOO expensive and the bottles are just so small.

China Glaze (.5oz/14ml): $4.60 from TransDesign, $8 Sally Beauty Supply. The magnet comes separately for the same price as the polish. The magnet includes 3 designs, one of which is a starburst. The magnet isn't strong, so I end up using magnets from other brands for the best results.

Nails inc. (.33oz/10ml): $16 from Sephora. The magnet is  strong, it comes in a chevron pattern. This brand comes in a few different colors, Whitehall Teal seems to be the most original(I want it!).

Layla Magneffect (.33oz/10ml): $15.50 Ulta. The magnet is  strong but difficult to handle, it doesn't have a cuticle rest like the other magnets. The formula is a bit streaky. You will find the widest range of colors with Layla.

Brands I haven't tried include...
Color Club (.33oz/10ml):$5.95 from TransDesign. The magnet is a chevron pattern, it comes with the polish.

Finger Paints (.33oz/10ml): $7 from Sally Beauty Supply. The magnet  is a chevron pattern, it comes with the polish.

Icing/Claires (.33oz/10ml): $9 from Icing/Claires: I've heard the brushes suck in these and they're pretty expensive compared to some of the higher quality brands BUT... these are the only ones I have seen that have a wavy magnet.

Nabi (.5oz/14ml): $5 from Walgreens. I haven't seen these at a Walgreens near me. I heard these really stink... but they look good! You can choose from a straight line, diagonal line and chevron design. These do not have the cuticle rest. They seem to hive a wider range of colors, one including a nice vibrant red.

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