Thursday, May 3, 2012

China Glaze - Gleam Me Up

It seems each month is filled with awarenesses for certain diseases, May is no exception.
I think it's Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Mental Health, Lyme's Disease, Stroke, Arthritis, Zombie and Athsma Awareness month at least.

Thankfully I only suffer from a couple of these disorders, Bi-Polar Disorder II and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Both have been and will continue to be a constant struggle for the rest of my life.

You can donate and read more about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome here... Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation.
Basically, it's a connective tissue disorder. Contortionists tend to have this. You may have heard about it on TV where they usually get everything wrong about it. Most commonly it affects the connective tissue around the joints, it's very lax and stretchy so hyper-extending the joints is common. Dislocation and subluxation is very common. In my case, I can't even do any cool tricks like dislocate my shoulder and wave at you backwards. My knee and ankle joints sublux frequently and I have a lot of problems with muscle spasms beneath my shoulder blades. I have a very mild case but it's still a constant problem. There is no cure, it's a lifelong disease and it isn't studied nearly as much as it should be. The only treatments treat the symptoms. I haven't found any treatments that work for me though I have been in and out of physical therapy several times. I'm really not an expert on EDS, so I'm not the best person to talk to and the EDS community pretty picky about how it's defined so don't tell them I said anything! You can however, check out that link or look it up on Wikipedia if you're curious.

 I don't think there is one specific place to read about Bi-polar Disorder or donate.

Anyway, if you have any questions about my experience with either disorder, you can certainly ask me, I'm not shy about them.

P.S. Zombie Awareness Month? Really? How many zombie jokes, movies, pub crawls, shirts, cups and mugs does it take until zombies aren't funny anymore? I stopped laughing years ago. Who's with me?
Nobody will ever make a better zombie movie parody than Shaun of the Dead, so people just need to give up on it.

Swatch time!!!

This is Gleam Me Up from China Glaze's most recent Crackle Glitters collection, I got them at Sally Beauty Supply on Monday just as they were putting up the display.

I was really excited about these after seeing swatches of glitter crackles from European brands Golden Rose and P2 months and months ago(I even tried to order some from Poland at one point, but the language barrier prevented it). I don't see these being very popular because they came out so long after the crackle craze has been over. Thankfully I didn't go overboard with them so I can look at crackle manis and not puke. :)

I haven't tried any other glitter crackle formulas but I'm actually not that impressed. It was not very opaque, I had to use two coats which made me lose a lot of the cracks. I had significant tip wear the morning after which I'm guessing was just from how much friggin' polish I had on my fingers.

On a positive note, China Glaze has some exciting collections coming up... the Summer Neons, Summer Safari, Fall Bohemian(multi-chromes) and the Magnetix II collection. Can't wait for those!

Crackle: China Glaze - Gleam Me Up, $6 Sally Beauty Supply & Ulta.
Base Color:  China Glaze - Solar Power: $3 TransDesign.
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat: $8 Sally Beauty Supply, $10.
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder: $5.39 TransDesign, $7.49 Sally Beauty Supply & CVS.

China Glaze - Gleam Me Up over China Glaze - Solar Power.
Outdoors - Natural Light

China Glaze - Gleam Me Up over China Glaze - Solar Power
Indoors - Artificial Light w/Flash

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