Monday, July 2, 2012

Mini Haul!

I've been super busy this week so I haven't had time to post!

My boyfriend and I have been running around the city the past few days!
I managed to pick up some polish and makeup during all the chaos and he
got me a Brobee beanie baby. I love Brobee, he's so cute!

I've only been painting my nails really quickly with colors I have already swatched lately so I don't have any new swatches, so I thought I'd at least post what I've picked up. :)

I ordered some Avon!
This is the first time I have ordered shadows from Avon(and mark.), I even ordered colors I don't usually use on my eyes (blue and teal).

I ordered...

1. Mark. - Keep It Going (Longwear eye liner & shadow) in Naturalist.  $12
In high school I lived on the Revlon cream shadows so I was hoping this would
turnout like those... it did not.
It does work as an eyeliner but I would not use this as a shadow.
I wouldn't even call it cream really, it's very thin and liquidy. The teal color is not opaque.
I tried very hard to make it work as a shadow and I just ended up giving up. :(

2.  Mark. - Flat Eyeliner Brush. $10
I have no complaints about this brush, it's a bit big for a liner brush but it was very easy to use.

3. Avon - True Color (Eyeshadow duo) in Turquoise Jewel. $4.
I really wasn't expecting much out of this, it was cheap and the only reason I got it was because they used it on a look in the catalog and I liked it, if it didn't work out... I wasn't losing much money like I did on the Mark. Liner/Shadow.
Turns out... it is awesome! The pigment and texture are a much higher quality than drugstore brands and it blends very easily. It actually fits the term "velvety" I'm going to have to buy more of these. :)

I haven't tried any of the polishes yet but I'm very excited to start trying them out tomorrow!

 from Sephora I got...
1. Nails Inc. - Magnetic Polish in Spitalfields. $16
I couldn't resist the fishnet magnet and the green color is very very pretty. :D

2. Tokidoki - Nail Confetti in Latte. $6
I love tokidoki! I didn't own anything tokidoki yet because it's just too expensive, heh. This was only $6 though and came with adorable nail stickers so I picked it up!

from Shopper's Drug Mart....
1. Essence - Colour & Go in Where's The Party? $1.69
I saw a duochrome for less than $2 and I grabbed it. :D

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  1. The Brobee beanie looks super cute, and I obviously love the Tokidoki polish :D