Friday, August 31, 2012

Rainbow Honey - 20% Cooler

I got a few minis from Rainbow Honey to swatch, this is the color I was second most excited about getting! (The Element of Magic being first)

I didn't have a great blue to go underneath it, so I got Sinful Colors - Why Not and I wish I had gone a couple shades of blue lighter to match the base, but this is okay. :)
I used Gelous and Seche Vite on my previous Rainbow Honey mani, but I suspected the glitter was flat enough that I didn't need the Gelous... so I didn't use it this time and it was fine. :)

Color:  Rainbow Honey - 20% Cooler: $10 full size, $5 mini
Base Color:  Sinful Colors - Why Not: $1.99 Walgreens & Target.
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat: $8 Sally Beauty Supply, $10.
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder: $5.39 TransDesign, $7.49 Sally Beauty Supply & CVS.

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  1. Hi Lauryn!

    I like this Rainbow Honey mani. And I really like your blog. Keep in touch.

    Gisela P