Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cleaning Your Brushes

I've watched countless YouTube tutorials and read billions of beauty blog posts and tried out tons of tips for cleaning your makeup brushes. I got bits and pieces of information from each of them, and I shall share them with you! You're welcome.

I bought a starter set of Face Secrets brushes a couple years ago at Sally Beauty Supply, I had always used the applicators that came with the makeup before that. If that's what you're doing, you are seriously missing out. My starter brush set was about $15 and I still use them!

Over about a year, I collected a few more shadow and liner brushes, so after they were all dirty, I bought a bottle of brush cleaner at Sally's. The WHOLE bottle was gone after cleaning my brushes ONCE. After that, I decided to read a bunch of blogs and watch a ton of YouTube videos and find out what the best recipe is for your own homemade brush cleaner.

I watched an old Michelle Phan video about cleaning brushes using dish soap and olive oil. The dish soap acted as an anti-bacterial grease cutter and cleanser and the olive oil was supposed to keep the brushes soft.
However, I think it ruined my Kabuki and blush brush, they never quite picked up the powders the same ever again, I must have used too much olive oil or something.

I came across a YouTuber (EnKoreMakeup) who seems to have the perfect recipe though.
Home Made Brush Cleanser - EnKoreMakeup
If you're too lazy to watch the video... this is the recipe.

Home Made Brush Cleanser
Use a 2 Cup container.

1 cup  Purified or distilled water
1/3 cup Isopropyl alcohol
1 tbs Dish Soap
1/2 tbs Shampoo (baby shampoo was recommended)
1tbs Leave- In Conditioner spray (NOT gel or cream)

Stir gently with a brush so that it does not create suds.

That's the used cleanser btw.

Read More After the Jump for cleaning and drying instructions as well as brush recommendations.

Friday, January 27, 2012

a england - Lady of the Lake

I saw this reviewed on other blogs and had to have it! I love purple and I love holographic polishes. The formula was good, dried fairly quickly, can't complain. It was darker than I expected, though.

a england - Lady of the Lake - $12 at Llarowe

There were only two holos in the original a england collection, The Mythicals. Lady and the Lake and Tristam(a blue). However, they just recently came out with a new collection called The Legends, which features 7 new holographic shades. This is an indie U.K. brand you can buy for $12 ea at Llarowe.

China Glaze 2012 - Spring/Summer Collections

China Glaze is probably my favorite brand of nail polish. For a step above drug store polishes, they're  cheap and easy to buy at online e-tailers. They tend to stray away from the basic reds, berries and nudes that seem to be a staple in every woman's nail polish collection. I am not a boring red/berry/nude kind of girl, so I appreciate their bright and saturated colors. Anyway, this is what is up and coming for 2012!
It's a long, graphic heavy post so, click to read more for the rest!

Magnetix -- These are part of a relatively new trend of magnetic nail polishes. The Icing and Claire's have come out with a line of Magnetic polishes that I saw at the mall yesterday. I didn't buy them though because I am holding out for a couple of these. What I like is that their magnet come separately and has more than just the stripe design that nails inc. and other brands have already come out with. Ulta carries an pricey brand of magnetic polishes (I can't remember if it's LCN or Layla) behind their sales counter with the magnet designs, but I am not rich, so I'll hold out for these. I asked Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply yesterday when they're getting these in, they said soon, but they don't actually have a date. I'm guessing that means Feb/March. However, you CAN order these at Trans Design for $4.60ea. You can see a review of these at my Nail Polish BFF's blog. Carina L'etoile's Polish Stash.

China Glaze - LOL

This is China Glaze - LOL from a discontinued collection. I got it just a bit before it was discontinued for about $3.50 from Victoria's Nail Supply. This brand retails for about $7 at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta. So, buying them online is a big discount. I've started ordering from Trans Design instead, the China Glaze is about a quarter cheaper per bottle, but they also carry Orly and Essie and have a bigger collection.

On top is Nicole by OPI - Step 2 the Beat of My ♥ It's from a Justin Bieber themed collection, you can get this at Target, Walmart and Ulta for $7. I could NOT get any hearts on my nail using the brush provided, so instead I used a toothpick to fish them out and placed them wherever I wanted on the nail and finished with a Seche Vite topcoat.

China Glaze - LOL - Discontinued $3.50
Nicole by OPI - $7 Target, Walmart and Ulta.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a holographic collection out right now so if you're looking for something similar, you'll either have to get this on ebay or order a different holigraphic brandn on Llarowe. They carry some foreign brands, which are pricy. Speciallita HITS No Olimp and Glitter Gal carry some holographic shades that I've seen excellent reviews on from other blogs.

I'm waiting for my first order from Llarowe atm, so I'll swatch and post that when it comes!

Zoya - Edyta

This is my first Zoya nail polish! It was gorgeous in the bottle, but I was a little disappointed when it dried on the nail. It seems to have lose most of it's gold shimmer and green tint. It's still very pretty, but unless you're up close, it kind of looks like a charcoal grey. :(

I use Seche Vite as my gloss top coat every time. I've tried China Glaze, OPI and Poshe top coats, but nothing compared to Seche Vite. You can get it at Target, Sally Beauty and Ulta for about $9.

Zoya - Edyta  - Ulta $8

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Turquoise Opal

Okay, this is an awesome color! It's been discontinued for a long time and my awesome boyfriend bought it for me on ebay! :D

This is Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Turquoise Opal - Ebay
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Black Out - Walgreens $3

Thanks again to my awesome and amazing boyfriend, Matthew. ♥♥♥

OPI Catch Me In Your Net/Black Shatter

This is OPI Black Shatter over OPI Catch Me In Your Net.
 I lovelovelove OPI Catch Me In Your Net. I found OPI's crackles dry out much faster and are much harder to use than China Glaze's though. I ended up having to throw out both Shatters I had from OPI after only a few months because they got so thick and globby that they were no longer useable.

I bought OPI Black Shatter at Trade Secret for $9.
OPI Catch Me In Your Net was a gift from my friend Carina, you can visit her blog! She is responsible for my nail polish obsession. -_-"
Carina L'etoile's Polish Stash