Friday, March 30, 2012

NerdLacquer - Argentum

This is Argentum! The third polish that I ordered from NerdLacquer. The trick to these NerdLacquer polishes is definitely storing them upside down. If you don't store them upside down, you can just set them upside down for about 15-20 mins before you start your manicure.

Color:  NerdLacquer - Argentum: $10 NerdLaquer (Etsy), Harlow & Co., Ninja Polish.
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat: $8 Sally Beauty Supply, $10.
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder: $5.39 TransDesign, $7.49 Sally Beauty Supply & CVS.

NerdLacquer - Argentum
Indoors - Artifical Light w/ Flash

NerdLacquer - Argentum
Indoors - Natural Light

NerdLacquer - Argentum
Indoors - Artificial Light w/Flash

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NerdLacquer - All Of Time And Space.

Okay, so... you may have noticed that in my Cyance Friction shot I had a pretty small amount glitter on my nails while the bottle had tons of glitter in it.

I tried scraping the sides and bottom with a toothpick, shaking it vigorously... contemplated going out to Walmart to buy bigger BBs. Then... logic hit me. What if I just stored them upside down? Then, when I go to use them right side up, the glitter slowly sinks to the bottom. Well, sure enough... that was the trick. LOL
I guess I will have to re-swatch Cyance Friction later.

For now... here is All of Time And Space. I usually use Gelous AND Seche Vite over glitter polishes, but these really only need Seche Vite, they don't eat it up at all. While applying this, it made me really hungry for Mint/Chocolate Chip gelato. I included the Macro shot again as well.

Color:  NerdLacquer - All Of Time And Space: $10 NerdLaquer (Etsy), Harlow & Co., Ninja Polish.
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat: $8 Sally Beauty Supply, $10.
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder: $5.39 TransDesign, $7.49 Sally Beauty Supply & CVS.

NerdLacquer - All Of Time And Space
Indoors - Natural Light

NerdLacquer - All Of Time And Space
Indoor - Articifical Light w/ Flash

NerdLacquer - All Of Time And Space
Indoors - Artificial Light w/ Flash

Monday, March 26, 2012

NerdLacquer - Cyance Friction

This is going to be a long post.

Today, I woke up and felt sick like I haven't felt sick in years. It's that kind of sick you remember mostly from being a kid when your mother looks at you and says "Yeah, You're not going to school today." before you can even whine about it and you're thankful you didn't have to waste what little energy you have on trying to convince your mother you're ACTUALLY sick this time.

I've been anxiously awaiting my NerdLacquer mail! It's kind of nice that it came today because it really brightened my day. This is my first experience with them and I am very pleased! Not only are they gorgeous GORGEOUS polishes, they're an indie brand and nerdy.

Their polishes are named after Star Wars, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Alchemy, Monty Python and my personal favorite... Doctor Who! Sooosooo excited. I want them to come out with one named "Recreational Mathematics" or "Happy Prime" from my favorite Doctor Who quote....

The Doctor: 379
Martha Jones: What?
The Doctor: It's a sequence of happy primes - 379
Martha Jones: Happy what?
The Doctor: Just enter it!
Riley Vashtee: Are you sure? We only get one chance.
The Doctor: Any number that reduces to one when you take the sum of the square of its digits and continue iterating it until it yields 1 is a happy number, any number that doesn't, isn't. A happy prime is both happy and prime. Now *type it in*!
The Doctor: I dunno, talk about dumbing down. Don't they teach recreational mathematics anymore? 

Anyway,  I am broke as hell, I shouldn't be buying nail polish or anything at all since I'm trying to move to Toronto (I leave on April 9th), so I could only order 3. I REALLY REALLY regret not ordering Holy Grail. When I ordered I was most excited about "All Of Time And Space" which I will swatch next, but Cyance Friction ended up being my favorite.

I will start you off with the macro shots!

If you want these, you are going to have to be patient. I stalked their website for weeks and I missed the first time, they sold out in less than 18hrs. So I made an Etsy account and asked to be notified when they came up. They came up at like, midnight on a Sunday, I had my email open and was at the computer so I got lucky. Holy Grail sold out in less than 6hrs and the rest was out in less then 24hrs again.

You can buy from their Etsy shop, which is where I ordered from: NerdLacquer on Etsy
Or you can buy from this other site, which I personally have never used before: Harlow & Co
You can also check out their Google + Page.: NerdLacquer on Google +

NerdLacquer - Cyance Friction: $10

NerdLacquer - Argentum: $10
NerdLacquer - All Of Time And Space: $10

 Everything came neatly packed, it even came with a thank you card! It also came with a little black poof ball ring that reminds me of the soot sprites on the Miyazaki movies(Spirited Away & My Neighbor Totoro).

And last, but not least! The swatch of Cyance Friction itself. This is 3 coats, the forumla was a dream, not to thick, not too thin, dried quickly and evenly.
NerdLacquer - Cyance Friction: $10

Saturday, March 24, 2012

China Glaze - You Move Me

I'm not a big fan of browns, but I was excited to get this color with the magnet because I thought it would look like Tiger's Eye(stone). It was similar but not nearly as close as I had hoped. It's still very pretty though.

This is kind of different because I put it over my Agro manicure. I held the magnet over it extra long because I was hoping Agro would shine through from underneath and it kind of did, in the night picture with the flash, you can see it shimmering through a little in the middle wave. I used a magnet from Icing's Magnetix collection because it had the wave pattern and I haven't showed that magnet design yet!

The magnet is not included with the China Glaze polishes and it costs the same as the polishes but it has three designs; Starburst, Chevron and Diagonal Stripes. However, at Sally Beauty Supply, if you buy two Magnetix polishes, you get the magnet free.

Color:  China Glaze - You Move Me: $4.60 TransDesign, $7 Sally Beauty Supply & Ulta.
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat: $8 Sally Beauty Supply, $10.
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder: $5.39 TransDesign, $7.49 Sally Beauty Supply & CVS.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

China Glaze - Agro

Are you all excited about The Hunger Games? :D

 Honestly, I've never read the books. I think I will see the movie and if I like it, I will read the rest of the books. That's how it worked out with Harry Potter. :)

 Today, with the release of Hunger Games, I am wearing a color from China Glaze's Capitol Colors collection. This is Agro!

Color:  China Glaze - Agro: $3 TransDesign, $6 Sally Beauty Supply & Ulta.
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat: $8 Sally Beauty Supply, $10.
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder: $5.39 TransDesign, $7.49 Sally Beauty Supply & CVS.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OPI Flower to Flower & Color Club - Sakura Glow

It's about time for another pink post, isn't it? :D

Here is the gorgeous Flower to Flower by OPI from their 2010 Summer Flutter collection. This color also looks AWESOME matte. :)

I've been trying to be a little adventurous lately though so I added Color Club's Sakura Glow from their Japanese Glitters collection on top of it. The only place I've ever seen that carries the Japanese Glitters is Victoria's Nail Supply, if you end up getting this color, you MUST get Too Violet as well! Too Violet can stand on it's own, but Sakura Glow is so sheer you can really only use it as a top coat.

I wish I had some more Japanese polishes! I think they really like glitter over there. :D

I finished it off with cherry blossom(sakura) strickers from a package of Kiss "Nail Arist" stickers I picked up from Walgreens and Seche Vite

If you love glitter like I do, don't forget to enter my Giveaway for a chance to win some!

Color:  OPI - Flower to Flower
Top Coat: Color Club - Sakura Glow: $3.50 Victoria's Nail Supply
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder

Sinful Colors - Cinderella

I heard a lot of buzz about this color on blogs but from photos I really couldn't see what all the fuss was about except that people said the photos didn't do it justice.

So, anyway... I was up at Walgreens and decided to look for it, from the way people were acting about it, I assumed I would never find it, but... I found two bottles! I snatched them both up, I will save the other one for a giveaway. :)

 I saw what the fuss was about when I saw the color in person, from photos it just looks like a light blue with some glass fleck shimmer in it. No big deal right? Turns out that glass fleck shimmer is actually pink micro-glitter and it really DOES remind me of Cinderella. I showed it to my niece and she went crazy over it! You can sort of see the pink glitter/shimmer in my photos, but only a little bit. It's very obvious in person.

This was a 3 coater and after 3 coats it looked REALLY thick, I mean, you could definitely tell I had 3 coats of polish on, but the color is nice! I haven't seen another color like this one.

Color:  Sinful Colors - Cinderella: $1.59 Walgreens
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

Monday, March 19, 2012

China Glaze - DV8

Today I have a fantastic holographic polish for you! Unfortunately, it came out in Summer 2008 so you can't easily find it anymore and when you do find it, you'll be paying more than you want for it.

Holographics are by far my favorite finish for polishes, I just cannot get over how cool they are. I only have a few (maybe 5?), but I love them! I hope some company (hopefully China Glaze again) comes out with another set of badass linear holos. Please excuse my ridges, perhaps I should have doubled up on the base coat. :P

I really, really wish I had the rest of this collection (OMG! Collection), it was the best of of the 3 holographic collections they did. (Kaleidoscope and Tronica, which are also very hard to find)

Color:  China Glaze - DV8
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder
Top Coat: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

Now, here are a few of my suggestions for how to get this magnificent color or something very similar...

1. Try to win it as well as a beautiful silver and purple holo from the same collection at
    Glam Polish 1000 Follower Giveaway

2.  Buy Specialita HITS - Hera from the No Olimpo collection on Llarowe $10
      It's almost exactly the same color, I've ordered from this site before and they are legit.
      The only trouble you will run into is checking daily until you find it in stock. :)

3.  Pay too much on Ebay or Amazon. Make sure you check buyer feedback!

Maybelline Color Tattoo and L'Oreal HIP Pigment

Today I'm going to split into two posts for my Sunday look. I had a family gathering so I decided to play with my eye makeup a little more than usual. So there will be one post for makeup and one for nail polish. :)

Now, I must warn you, I am no expert at applying makeup. Everything I learned, I learned online. I didn't even know you were supposed to wear more than one color of eyeshadow at a time until I was nearly 18. I also had some major problems with the creme shadow not going on smoothly, it is a lot more solid than your average creme shadow, it's more like a creamy gel liner. However, it was very humid(in Minnesota, in March...?!?) and the shadow didn't get melty at all like creme shadows tend to do.

 I went for a sort of... peacock look.

1.Inner Corner: Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo - Bold Gold
2.Outer Corner: Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo - Tenacious Teal
3.Middle: L'Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments - Rebel

4.Brow Highlight: Wet n Wild - Creme Shadow Pencil - 130 Pixie
5.Crease Shadow: CoverGirl Quad Shadow -  Coffee Shop

6.Liner: L'Oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner - Black
7.Mascara: CoverGirl Eyelights Mascara - Black Gold (for Hazel Eyes)

8. Primer: Lorac - Behind the Scenes Eye Primer (Not pictured)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sally's & Michaels haul and a nail art fail.

Well, today I was brave and went out to buy some nail art supplies and today... I experienced my first nail art fail.

I thought I'd try out something simple for St. Patty's day so I got some Sally Girl glitter from my haul at Sally Beauty Supply today. (I had a $10 off $20 coupon). Sally Beauty Supply only had one nail art brush I was interested for about $8 and no dotting tools. I went to Michaels in the same parking lot to find a brush instead. Not only did I find the brush I was looking for, I found a brush I'm going to attempt to use for striping and an "embossing" kit that just happens to look like the exact same thing as a dotting set.

The brushes can be bought as low as $2.99, I looked for the ones with the stiffest bristles. The "Embossing and Styling Set" was $4.99. We'll see how they work out, I guess. :D

Anyway, about that coupon, I saw this on The TraceFace Philes as the March Sally's $10 off $20 Birthday coupon that apparently was sent to some card owner. She updated the site later saying the coupon didn't work or something, but I printed it out and gave it a shot anyway. It worked fine, no questions asked, I used my own Sally card and everything, walked out with $10 of free loot. :)
See Sally's March Coupon

For my haul, I got a giant bottle of Non-Acetone nail polish remover $5.99, Orly - Bonder base coat(my favorite) $7.49, American Classes - Gelous $5.49, a medium blue file $1.19, a cuticle stick $0.59 and 2 small jars of Sally Girl glitter at $0.99each and paid $11.17 for it all.

At Michaels I spent $4.99 on the Embossing set, $2.99 x 2 on two brushes and $3.99 on some embossing powder that was prettier than the glitter I got at SBS. I spent $11.76. I even forgot about how Michaels has awesome coupons every week so I could have saved more. >.<
See Michaels Coupons

So, I spent $23 today and got all of this! yay!

For a nail art fail, read more. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wet n Wild - Diamond in the Rough


Today I have a swatch of one of the polishes in the Giveaway!

This is Wet n Wild - Diamond in the Rough from their Winter 2011 Ice Baby collection.
It's a charcoal gray clicker with holographic glitter in it, and holy crap is that stuff shiny. ;D
As I usually do with glitters, I topped it off with Gelous and Seche Vite.

Color:  Wet n Wild - Diamond in the Rough
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder
Top Coat 1: American Classics - Gelous
Top Coat 2: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

Wet n Wild - Diamond in the Rough: $2.99 Walgreens & CVS
Indoors - Night w/Flash

Wet n Wild - Diamond in the Rough: $2.99 Walgreens & CVS
Indoors - Night w/Flash

Wet n Wild - Diamond in the Rough: $2.99 Walgreens & CVS
Indoors - Daytime

Wet n Wild - Diamond in the Rough: $2.99 Walgreens & CVS
Indoors - Night w/Flash Macro

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Essie - Play Date with CND - Lavender Pearl


Today we finally got some spring weather! This winter was extremely mild for Minnesota but it was still winter. -_- Anyway, I have a beautiful spring color for you!

I was originally just going to do Play Date on it's own because it's a gorgeous creme polish, but I had this bottle of CND Effects - Lavender Pearl sitting around that I had really only used once. So I decided to give it a shot and I think the results were awesome. :D

Color:  Essie - Play Date
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder
Top Coat 1: CND (Creative) Effects - Lavender Pearl
Top Coat 2: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

Essie - Play Date, $8Walgreens/CVS/Target $4 Trans Design;
CND (Creative) Effects - Lavender Pearl, $5.50 Trans Design.

Essie - Play Date, $8Walgreens/CVS/Target $4 Trans Design;
 CND (Creative) Effects - Lavender Pearl, $5.50 Trans Design.

Finger Paints - Twisted
Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure

Thank you to everyone who is now following me! I'm a ways away from 100 followers but I already have a 100 followers prize picked out!

It's Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure and Finger Paints - Twisted.

I got these for myself a while ago and tested them both out. Flakie polishes are very popular right now but to be honest... I'm just really not a fan of them.

I know somebody else will enjoy them more than me!

When the time comes, and I DO reach 100 followers (on Google Friend Connect), there will be extra entries for my first 100 followers.

I really appreciate everyone that reads my blog.

So, thank you!

Don't forget to join my First Giveaway.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sally Hansen - Be-Jeweled

Hello! Today I have another Sally Hansen color from their Gem Crush collection!
You can score this color as part of my giveaway! Click here to enter.

This is Sally Hansen - Be-Jeweled. It's a beautiful lavender glitter with larger pink glitter by day, but when the light hits the pink glitter, you can see it's holographic!

Color:  Sally Hansen - Showgirl Chic
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder
Top Coat 1: American Classics - Gelous
Top Coat 2: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

Sally Hansen - Showgirl Chic: $7 Walgreens & CVS, $6.25 Target
Indoors - Morning Sun

Sally Hansen - Showgirl Chic: $7 Walgreens & CVS, $6.25 Target
Indoors - Night w/Flash

Sally Hansen - Showgirl Chic: $7 Walgreens & CVS, $6.25 Target
Indoors - Night w/Flash Macro

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sally Hansen - Showgirl Chic

Hello everybody! Today I have Sally Hansen - Showgirl Chic swatched from Sally Hansen's Gem Crush collection. This is following a nail trend of glitter polishes that I am a big fan of.  The colors are mostly one color of glitter (in this case, silver) but have a splash of another color of glitter (in this case, blue).

I'm very excited about China Glaze's Prismatic Collection because there will be MORE than two colors of glitter in each bottle! China Glaze also joined this craze with their Winter 2011 Eye Candy 3D Glitters collection with names inspired by Marilyn Monroe (Love Marilyn, Some Like it Haute, Blonde Bombshell, etc.)

I have a color from Sally Hansen's Gem Crush collected called Be-Jeweled that is a gorgeous purple glitter with hints of pink glitter that is up for grabs in a giveaway with other colors with a few other brands that have tried this trend out! You can enter, here.

Color:  Sally Hansen - Showgirl Chic
Base Coat: Orly - Bonder
Top Coat 1: American Classics - Gelous
Top Coat 2: Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

Sally Hansen - Showgirl Chic: $7 Walgreens & CVS, $6.25 Target
Indoors - Daytime

Sally Hansen - Showgirl Chic: $7 Walgreens & CVS, $6.25 Target
Indoors - Night w/Flash

China Glaze - Prismatic Chroma Glitters Press Release

Hi everybody! I have a pretty exciting press release from China Glaze with their collection that will be coming out April 2012! These colors look gorgeous!

Array your nails in a myriad of color this spring with China Glaze®’s limited edition Prismatic nail polish collection! Inspired by the colors formed by the refraction of light through a prism, Prismatic by China Glaze® combines glitter and holographic particles to create the ultimate eye-catching, 3-dimensional manicure.

Bursting with color and dimension, Prismatic shades include:

  • Ray-Diant – Greenish-gold shimmer filled with specks of silver, pink, green, orange and blue
  • Polarized – Silver metallic sheen sprinkled with yellow, pink, orange and green glitters
  • Liquid Crystal – Bright blue holographic with purple tint dusted with silver, gold, green, pink and orange
  • Prism – Grape purple holographic gleams with pink shimmer and glitters with pieces of pink, blue, green, orange, silver and gold
  • Full Spectrum – Baby pink bursts into holographic magenta to party with silver, gold, blue, pink and green particles
  • Optical Illusion – Aqua green glimmers with a hint of purple filled with pink, yellow, silver, orange and green flecks

China Glaze® Prismatic will be available April 2012. Individual shades retail for $8 MSRP. The collection will be available in a 3-D 12-piece counter display and as open stock colors.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.
China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide.
For more information, visit: or follow China Glaze on Facebook and Twitter: @ChinaGlaze

China Glaze is a division of American International Industries.

About American International Industries 
For nearly 40 years, AII has been the leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of innovative, quality beauty and skin care products for men and women. Our product lines include Ardell, Andrea, Body Drench, Bye Bye Blemish, Checi, China Glaze, Clean + Easy, Clubman/Pinaud, Duo, European Secrets, EzFlow, Fright Night, Gena, GiGi, Gypsy Lash, IBD, Jeris-Lustray, No Tweeze/Micro Tweeze, 'N Rage, Prolinc, RAW, Seche, SuperNail, Surgi-Care, Waterworks, Winning Nails, Woltra, Woody’s, and Youthair. 
For more information, visit our website:

Read more for a closer look!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My First Giveaway!

Hello guys, I am doing a giveaway.

This giveaway is open to wherever I can ship(internationally)! One winner lucky winner will receive Wet n Wild - Diamond In The Rough, Sally Hansen - Be-Jeweled, Revlon - Radiant and Spoiled - Paying With Platinum. These have all been used once by me to swatch.

I've never won a giveaway myself, but one of you will! Hooray /confetti!

Liking my page on Facebook is the only mandatory step since I'm unsure of who can use Google Friend Connect now.  However, you can gain additional entries for following me on Google Friend Connect!

You gain more more entries by following me on Pinterest as well as the other things listed!

You can gain 1 additional entry per day by tweeting about my giveaway.

This giveaway ends Monday, April 23 at 12:00am EST.

I will verify all entries to make sure that people aren't lying to gain extra entries. Any entries found to be fakes will disqualify the person from this contest.

I will contact the winner by email and they will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Please wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load below to enter!

Now for the prizes...

Wet n Wild - Diamond In The Rough, Sally Hansen - Be-Jeweled, Revlon - Radiant and Spoiled - Paying In Platinum

Please feel free to use this mini graphic for your sidebar!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

China Glaze - Caribbean Blue


The battery died on the good camera, so I lost some daylight while it was charging. I took a picture with the bad camera about an hour earlier.

This is, China Glaze - Caribbean Blue from their Winter 2008 collection called Bahama Blues.
I would call this a Pantone 312C with a glass-fleck shimmer. It almost looks like a frosty white sand which I am guessing was intended for the Bahama theme. I have had this polish for a while so the label has worn off quite a bit! The formula is still just as good as when I got it a couple years ago though.
This is an older nail polish, so you can probably only find this on an e-tailer.

This is 3 coats but I could have gotten away with 2 coats.
I used Orly Bonder as a Base and Seche Vite as a Top Coat.

Notice: It seems like Sally Beauty Supply is now carrying the China Glaze - The Hunger Games(Capitol Colours) collection ($6) and the China Glaze - Magnetix collection ($7) according to their website.

Ulta is also carrying both collections ($7 and $10) according to their website and newest ad.

However, both collections are much cheaper at Trans Design ($3 and $4.60).

Trans Design has China Glaze - Magnetix and China Glaze - Capitol Colours (The Hunger Games) in stock right now.

China Glaze - Caribbean Blue: Trans Design $3

China Glaze - Caribbean Blue: Trans Design $3

China Glaze - Starboard

I am back from an unannounced and unexpected hiatus.
I'd love to tell you that I was waiting for my nails to grow back a little and that I'm working on taking better pictures. (Which requires being awake during daylight hours, I am a night owl.) But, that is only 20% of the reason, 80% was just me being very lazy.

I started using my mother's Pentax K10D which is amazing instead of my Kodak Easy Share C182 that I HATE.

Let me tell you why I hate it... this is supposed to be a point and shoot, dummy proof camera. The problem is, the camera is REALLY, REALLY stupid. It attempts to color correct for you, which means if you're taking a picture of something that has a lot of one color (eg: instance:neon green nail polish.) it "color correct" to a completely inaccurate color.

It has 10MP but the shutter speed is too slow, so if anything moves slightly while you are taking the picture, it blurs. If you take pictures indoors, they come out very grainy on the computer, and you have to majorly shrink the picture to hide the grainy-ness. It does not have an eye hole, so taking pictures outdoors is very difficult because you cannot see the display screen.

The only problem I have with the other camera is that it won't auto-focus in low-lighting unless you have the flash on.

But, alas... here is China Glaze - Starboard. This is from their Spring 2011 collection named Anchors Away.

PS: If you could follow me on Google Friend Connect over on the sidebar to your right, I would really appreciate the support!

China Glaze - Starboard: Trans Design $3, Sally Beauty Supply & Ulta $6

China Glaze - Starboard: Trans Design $3, Sally Beauty Supply & Ulta $6