Friday, July 5, 2013

Enchanted Polish - Kids

I was finally able to score some Enchanted Polishes from Llarowe in the last restock! I tried to snag just one from the previous restock only to get cart jacked. Argghh! Anyway, I was able to snag two in two separate orders (paying Canadian shipping on both :/) and I'm super excited to share them! I love being in Canada with my fiance (it's a great country) but I really don't think I will ever get used to Canadian shipping & Customs fees. The sales tax is a bit alarming but it's not so bad. In Ontario, sales tax is 13% wheras in Minnesota (where I am from) it is 6.5%.  I have only been charged a Customs fee once (fingers crossed) on an Asos order, I spent $86 and ended up with a SURPRIZE customs fee of $40. Yikes! Thankfully my fiance had  $40 on him because I did not see that coming, hehe.
Today I have Kids, this is the one I was most excited about, in the picture on both Llarowe's & Enchanted Polish's website it looked like a dusty turquoise/green super linear holo and it was so gorgeous! Unfortunately, I have yet to find a lighting that makes it look like the color in the picture. I was pretty bummed it didn't look like it did in the picture but it's still a beautiful color that I am very happy to own! In reality, this is a blue/purple/pink multi-chrome polish with a medium amount of holo-goodness that is mostly linear but somewhat scattered!

Enchanted Polish - Kids: $14 Llarowe & Enchanted Polish.

Enchanted Polish - Kids: Daylight (overcast)

Enchanted Polish - Kids: Daylight (overcast)

Enchanted Polish - Kids: Indoors, no light, just flash.

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