Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Femme Fatale - Fatal Attraction

Press Sample

The fourth and final(for now) Femme Fatale polish I bring to you is Fatal Attraction.

Femme Fatale's website describes Fatal Attraction as: "
Fatal Attraction is a deep magenta polish with scattered holographic particles in a rich burgundy. Will dry to a rough surface so will require topcoat, and around 2-3 coats for an even finish"

They aren't lying, this dries very rough. However, once you slap a top coat on it the sparkles shine very brightly. I'm guessing the glitter is just larger and extra gritty so it doesn't look very nice when it dries on it's own but when you use a top coat, BAM, sparkles!! The photos online don't do it justice. In real life it's a dark, rich raspberry with very flashy blue and red sparkles that sometimes reflect green. It's flashy enough for me, but the color is conservative enough for my mother. I could see a pretty wide range of nail polish lovers wearing this polish, it's very versatile and fun to look at throughout the day.

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Femme Fatale - Fatal Attraction: $13 Llarowe (International USA), $14 Harlow & Co (International Canada), $9.85 Femme Fatale Cosmetics (Australia). 
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This was a press sample provided to me by Femme Fatale Cosmetics for an honest review

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