Monday, August 12, 2013

Different Dimension - Gnarly

I have a soft spot for lime green polishes. Green isn't even in my top 3 favorite colors but the first polish that started my polish addiction was China Glaze - In The Limelight. I used to only polish my toes every couple of months but I was in Sally Beauty Supply one day and I saw that polish and I thought, I really need to have neon green nails. I got it home and unfortunately the formula was terrible and I keep buying neon green polishes hoping for a perfect formula. They all seem to be below average, which is common with neons. While this isn't as neon as I like, this is certainly a very bright lime green and it even has a subtle holographic shimmer. The formula is long-wearing and fabulous and this will now be my go-to lime green polish. :)

Different Dimension - Ditz: $10 Etsy & $12 Llarowe.