Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Different Dimension - Whatever

I've been longing for the Different Dimension 80s Baby collection for a long time now! It was my birthday on Friday and I finally scored a few from my husband as a gift! Yay! He got me a ton of stuff, so now it's time to review them all, mwahah! He is the best. :)

If you didn't notice the keyword, husband, I got married July 13th to my hot Canadian and I was so busy that week I forgot to update! I was supposed to fly home on Sunday but when we visited the immigration lawyer, we found out that the immigration guy that stamped my passport actually allowed me to stay 6 months instead of the usual 2. We're going to get paperwork started now that we are married so hopefully I will be able to stay in Toronto and become permanent resident. :)

On to the polish!
I need to comment on the formula because it's amazing, you could get away with one coat but two does the trick. It's so smooth and easy to apply. On a holographic scale, it's much more subtle than I am used to but it's still there and it's obviously different than just a metallic shimmer. I don't own this whole set yet, but I want to get the rest. :)

Different Dimension - Whatever: $10 Etsy & $12 Llarowe.

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