Saturday, August 31, 2013

OPI - Jinx

Okay! I am back. My computer died and I had to get a new one so I didn't have all my tools on the computer I was using temporarily. Good news is, this computer is sooooooooooooo much better than my old one. My husband was really sweet and bought me a very expensive computer for gaming. I also upgraded from Photoshop CS3 to Photoshop CS6.

I have OPI - Jinx on my nails today. Jinx is part of the Bond Girls Liquid Sand collection which I love! I only have two of them for the moment but I am supposed to be getting the rest at some point. This color is stunning and the formula is miraculous. It sparkles brighter than a lot of glossy polishes despite being textured and matte. While the particles are a beautiful orange and golden yellow, the base jelly has a bit of a pink tint which makes it so much better.

I know you all have seen this color before because it's been out a while and I snapped it up within a couple days of it's release at Ulta. If you were on the fence about buying it or forgot to buy it, get it before it's hard to get because it really deserves a chance. :)

OPI - Jinx: $9 Ulta (US), $8.95 Nail Polish Canada (Int'l & Canada)

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