Thursday, September 5, 2013

Layla - Emerald Divine

Yay Holos! I always intend to take daytime shots of holographic polishes but I never catch the sun up because I am not up early enough or late enough (Ready why I am a night owl below). The holos also look great indoors but it's very hard to capture it on camera. I've been messing around with my light box and I think I have found a decent solution to the problem. Diffusing the light through the tissue paper causes the holographic effect to basically disappear. When taking pictures of normal polish, diffusing the light is preferable because it gets rid of the reflective glare on the polish. When taking pictures of the holographic polishes, you NEED the reflective glare because the holographic effect is completely dependent on how much light is reflecting off of it. So I've just taken my lights and shined them directly in the box (through the front) and came out with a decent result. It's not as good as taking photos in the sunlight, but it beats using flash in the dark when you can see the exaggerated (and deceptive) results.

Layla's hologram effect formula is great, it's thin but you only need two coats. It applies evenly and dries quickly. They're the most holographic polishes I have seen so far. It will chip quickly unless you use the sandwich method. 1-2 coats of holo, 1 coat of Seche, 1 coat of holo.

Layla - 10 Emerald Divine: $12.50 Color4Nails , $12 Harlow & Co.

(You can skip this part, it's personal.)
 I really despise the sun because my body just seems to hate it.
 I know it sounds crazy and those people shouting about Vitamin D drive me nuts. I've been tested and my vitamin D levels are fine, thank you. My eyes are very light sensitive (runs in my family) so even through sun glasses I end up squinting and not being able to see most of the time, if I'm following somebody I have to look down at the grown and follow their shoes. In the winter, looking at the ground just reflect more sun back at me and it's just a disaster. So, on top of that my skin is as pale as you can get without being albino, so my skin burns if I spend any measurable amount of time in the sun and putting on sunscreen to go shopping is just a pain in the butt. I'm also incredibly heat intolerant which I think I can blame on my thyroid disorder (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis), I heat up very quickly, get heat exhaustion and then I am in bed, sick, sleeping and drinking water the rest of the day. It takes me quite a while to cool down. As I need any more reasons to dislike the sun and daytime, here is number 4: In the day time a lot of people are out and I have some crazy social anxiety, so I prefer to be out in the evening when it is both darker and quieter. Needless to say, I am a night owl.

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