Sunday, December 22, 2013

Candy Lacquer - Bunny Dreams

I apologize because I have to take an unfortunate break from swatching Wing Dust polishes because... I ran out of them. :)

I think we will be okay though because I have a beautiful Candy Lacquer polish I got around Easter that I thought was perfect for the snowy weather. I swatched 2 thick coats of Candy Lacquer - Bunny Dreams over OPI - My Boyfriend Scales walls with a big thick coat of Nail Pattern Boldness - Glitter Food on top and finished with Essie - Matte About You. Bunny Dreams was a limited edition polish that was only stocked once, but, have no fear, Bunny Dreams II is available and is almost the same polish! I did not manually place any glitters because I was looking for a glitter bomb effect but there are white and purple hearts and pink, blue and purple stars in there that can be fished out with a toothpick and placed for a more subtle effect. Oh! There are crescent moon glitters too.  The Candy Lacquer shop is closed for the holidays but keep checking back because in my experience, it's usually not closed any more than a couple of weeks.

Candy Lacquer - Bunny Dreams: $8.50
Candy Lacquer - Bunny Dreams

That all being said, I had a horrible time working with OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls and with literally every other white creme polish I've worked with. They seem to streak and leave bald spots. It took me 3 coats to cover all of the bald spots. I've tried OPI - Alpine Snow and Essie - Blanc and they all seem to do the same thing, has anybody found one that works well? I do prefer the off-white and grey-tint of MBFSW but I'll take anything at this point.

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