Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OPI - Alcatraz... Rocks

Hello everybody!
     I have been gone for a while but now I am back, yay! On September 20th I had PRK Eye Surgery and the recovery took a lot longer than expected. I was worried nail polish fumes would irritate my eyes so I didn't paint my nails for about 3 weeks and pretty much gave up on nail care (I had a lot of breakage). It's taken me a couple of weeks to get my nails and cuticles back into swatching shape.

I'm excited to say about 6 weeks after the surgery my vision is 20/40 in my left eye and 20/25 in my right eye and I am free of glasses and contacts. In about 6 more weeks my vision should be about perfect, if not perfect in both eyes.

Anyway... on to the polish!

I should start of by mentioning that I am a huge fan of Liquid Sand and Pixie Dust polishes. When I saw this color on other blogs I was mildly interested but when I saw it in store... omg it is the most beautiful textured polish I have ever seen! It's a purple base with greenish and gold shimmer in it and it is just amazing. While I love the matte-textured look, it also looks so good with a top coat that I can't even decide which I like better. The formula was a dream, of course and opaque in 2 coats.

OPI - Alcatraz... Rocks: $9 Ulta, $9 Nail Polish Canada (US/CA), $10 Trade Secrets (CA)

OPI - Alcatraz Rocks

OPI - Alcatraz Rocks w/ Top Coat

OPI - Alcatraz Rocks w/o and w/Top Coat