Tuesday, January 28, 2014

China Glaze - Teal The Tide Turns

Woohoo! I have been so excited about the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection. Since I moved to Canada, collections have only become available to me several weeks after the USA receives them. I was in luck because Nail Polish Canada got them in a very timely manner, the shipping was free and it only took 2 days. This is my first time ordering from Nail Polish Canada and I'm quite impressed. They ship from Toronto (which is where I live) but, I have had things shipped from 15-30 mins away and still had them take a week before so I was expecting a longer wait. In the states, I usually ordered from discount e-tailers that get the collections early, but, NPC carries them at full retail price which was a bit hard to get past. What really saved it was the free shipping from within Canada and the short delivery time. I even got $10 off for ordering the whole collection which I intended on doing anyway. :D I am definitely going to be ordering from Nail Polish Canada again.

On to the polish: I love textured polishes and I love spring and summer colors which is why I was really excited for this collection. Normally, China Glaze is my favorite mainstream brand but this is my first time trying their textures because I didn't like how their previous collections looked in reviews. I have swatched the whole collection on swatch sticks and all except this color have the perfect textured formula. They seemed to have not added enough texture bits to this color though because there are areas that it appears smooth and the application is uneven. While I would have preferred they made the formula of this particular color a little better, it's still a winner and worth having in my opinion. The color reminds me of one of those sea-scented sand candles!

China Glaze - Teal The Tide Turns: $7.95 Nail Polish Canada, $4.15 8ty8 Beauty (Coming to Sally Beauty/Ulta in February)

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  1. I just got this collection in the mail from NPC too! They are definitely a great place to order from, and the free shipping makes it all worth it! :D