Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Customer Review of

Buyer Beware
Update: It has been 2 weeks since I complained to customer service about the missing item and I have received no reply. I will send in another complaint today (2/5). I searched for reviews and looked at their facebook and they seem to be flooded with complaints. I would consider buying from Rosewholesale very risky.

Update 2: I received a reply to my second complaint on 2/6 and they asked if I wanted to pick another item or get a refund. I asked for a refund and as of 4/17 I never got a refund. I decided to give up rather than send in a 3rd complaint.

I love cheap accessories. I really don't accessorize often enough that I am willing to spend any decent sum of money on them. When I saw a review of, I decided to check them out and found enough items that I was interested in to give them a shot and put in an order. I sent in an order on Christmas Day and I received the items yesterday (1/21). Considering the items were shipped from China, that is about average for the shipping time.

I was not expecting much from the order. Some of the items are good quality and some are pretty bad, one item was missing completely. I ordered a necklace that was paid for and not shipped, I checked on the site to see if the item was still there and I saw that it was sold out so I am guessing they over-sold and was just hoping I wouldn't notice the missing item. I sent in a complaint to customer service and I'm waiting on a reply. I received a bracelet out of a bangle set that was scuffed. The ring I ordered was (one-size).... and I would determine it is about a size 5 and does not even fit my pinky but to be fair, I do have pretty chunky fingers. The ear cuff I ordered will hook on my ear but unfortunately, most of the spikes are not visible... my ear just seems to be the wrong shape, it's too ovaly and not round. o_O

If they send a replacement item and offer some sort of freebie, I will consider it a decent experience where I got what I paid for. (I will update this post with the results I get from customer service) I only paid $47.01 USD for the whole order which is a great deal cheaper than Claire's and is of a similar quality. I will have to say though, that I probably will not order from again. I am quite happy with 4 of the items, decently happy with 3 of the items and unhappy with 3 of the items (including the missing item). If you're thinking of ordering from I would tell you, don't expect much and you won't be very disappointed. :)

$4.29 6PCS Fashionable Faux Pearl Decorated Multilayer Bracelets for Women
 I was somewhat happy with this item. It did arrive scuffed but it is hardly noticeable.

Left: $2.91 Fashion Europe Style Fish Scale Embellished Ringent Bracelet
Middle: $1.53 Retro Style Lovely Fox Ring
Right: Chic Style Fishes and lotus Pattern Decorated Women's Tibetan Silver Bracelet

I was happy with both of these bracelets, they are adjustable and made with pretty thick metal. The Fox ring was too small for even my pinky (must be a size 5 or so). It was super cheap though, so I'm not that worried about it. I will probably give it to a kid.

Left: $6.71 Pair of Chic Black Diamante Butterfly Shape Earrings For Women
Right: $4.00 Retro Style and Stylish Rivet and Chain Embellished Earring With Comb
 I am happy with the earrings, no complaints. The Earring with Comb looks much cheaper in real life than it does in the photo on the website, the texture of the metal is uneven and the gold plating is also more yellowy than the photo on the website. Totally wrong shape for my ear.

$5.20 Sweet Rhinestone Butterfly Openwork Tassel Sweater Chain Necklace For Women
 This item arrived as described. My only unhappiness with it is that I have no idea what I was thinking when I ordered a necklace this large. Haha. It might draw more attention than I am looking for.

Bottom: $7.02 Fashionable Knot Decorated Black Hairband For Women
Top: $5.07 Fashion Gorgeous Style Rhinestone Embellished Vintage Hair Band
Not Pictured: $5.45 Trendy Beads Decorated Fish Sweater Chain Necklace For Women (because they never sent it)
The headbands are great. If I had to complain, the black knot band does have a big seam on the bottom that is stitched together with red thread so you cannot fold it over and wear it upside down which is not how it is intended to be worn anyway (but is totally something I would do).


  1. TY. I just exit d site & did not place my order. Honest reviews helps us all in this cyber space world. Again, THANK YOU!

  2. I just did a review on them too! I was happy with mine but didn't really expect great quality. You get what you pay for haha.

    Would love it if you checked out my blog!

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