Saturday, January 18, 2014

Emily De Molly - Monet's Garden

It's been so long since I've last posted but I got sick on Christmas Day and had a horrible flu and I am even STILL sick. I've never been sick this long, it's crazy. I didn't even paint my nails for the first 2 weeks. I got a ton of things over Christmas which I have yet to show off, hopefully that will be in an upcoming post soon! I also did swatch sticks. :)

One of my orders for myself for Christmas contained some Aussie polishes! This is my first Emily de Molly polish and it's absolutely lovely. I'm impressed. This is my favorite bottle shape and I also love the brush. This polish did not require Glitter Food which is usually required for something so packed with glitter. My favorite thing about this polish though is that it leans more green than your typical teal polish which makes it unique. I also adore the lime green glitters. :D

I ordered from Femme Fatale Cosmetics (AU), I was pleased to find out they now ship all polishes internationally, so I decided to try them out. They had a Wing Dust Collections polish in stock that was out of stock everywhere else. Now, the only problem was the shipping time, I lay 100% of the blame on Canada Post because they have been absolutely dreadful for at least a couple months now. Even domestic shipping seems to take forever. The package took 1 month to show up! When I was in the states, shipping to and from Australia only took 2 weeks. However, even getting packages from The States takes a 2 week minimum atm. I am American so, I was spoiled to Saturday mail already. But, Canada Post now only shows up every other day and seems to only deliver parcels once a week on Fridays. They are even threatening to cut door to door delivery all together, it's crazy.

Emily De Molly - Monet's Garden: $10 Femme Fatale Cosmetics, $13 Llarowe.

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