Friday, April 25, 2014

Cupcake Polish - Biggest Luger and MMO Updates

Here is a better late than never swatch from the Olympic Collection by Cupcake Polish. I was very excited when I first got these polishes back in February and couldn't wait to swatch them but a broken nail got in the way and then I got super lazy. The four colors that I ordered are some absolutely gorgeous pastel linear holos. I was going to wear them all at once to Easter but I had a really nasty stomach virus all of last week and I couldn't go anywhere. I don't know what is wrong with me, I've been sick so often this winter. My only complaint about the formula is that they were all a little bit too thick and needed some thinner but after the thinner they went on very smoothly.

Cupcake Polish - Only Fools Russian: $13

 On a side note, I thought I would let you guys know what I have been up to other than slacking on blog posts. I have been playing Guild Wars 2. I am a long time EverQuest player (I played on and off between 1999 and 2013) but, I decided to give it up in January and go back to Guild Wars 2 which I played for a couple months when it launched and then went back to EQ. My husband was playing it with me but he got re-absorbed into Diablo 3 which I refuse to play (but, I also played that for a couple months when it launched).

 They added WvWvW ranks in Guild Wars 2 which actually makes it playable in the end game once again. However, I'm getting bored with it again. In WvWvW 3 servers are pitted against eachother 24/7 for one week in a battle of killing eachother and taking keeps and castles. The servers are supposed to be pretty evenly matched but there is a lot of server transferring going on which leads to a constant imbalance and servers sliding up and down the ranks like crazy. One week you have no chance of winning, the next week you have no chance of losing and it never really seems to be a fair fight that is neck and neck the whole week. I'm really not sure what I will play next. It's possible that in a couple of months the servers will balance each other out again and GW2 might be worth playing again. I'm not sure if I will ever return to EQ. I don't like SoE's money-grubbing business practices and they don't release enough content to make it worth $15 a month for a subscription. I was looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online but I played the Beta and it was absolutely horrible. I'm really almost desperate enough to try WoW. Maybe I'll just turn to console gaming.

Anyway, here is my main character in GW2!

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