Monday, June 9, 2014

Different Dimension - Radiance Within & Bubble Up

I received some surprise nail mail the other day! I won a giveaway back in February and I had given up on the prize showing up. I thought it got lost in the mail, but it didn't! It's here now. It's pretty good timing too since I am currently on a cosmetics diet. I was getting bored with mmos, so I got a Wii U and 3 Zelda games. Unfortunately, console gaming is very expensive so I have to give up my cosmetics budget for a while to make up for it. There are some EoTDs at the end of this post if you click to read more.

On to the polish! I won these from part of the massive Color Suutra 1 year blogaversary giveaway. The prize was two Different Dimension polishes created specifically for the giveaway so, unfortunately I don't think you can get these anywhere. I thought I would share my swatches anyway for people that maybe entered the giveaway and wanted to know what they ended up looking like.

As with all Different Dimension polishes I've tried, the formula was a dream. The only slight problem that I had was that it stained my nails bright pink through my base coat. It is not a problem I have had with any other DD polishes. I don't worry too much about staining though because I always have nail polish on anyway.

Radiance Within is a pastel lavender with a subtle linear holo. Bubble Up is a glitter top coat with a scattered holo shimmer.

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