Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ethereal Lacquer - Worlds Apart

   Today I have Ethereal Lacquer's Worlds Apart polish up for review. Ethereal Lacquer - Worlds Apart is a gorgeous polish that is somewhat reminiscent of Clarins 230 and Max Factor Fantasy Fire. It has a deep blurple jelly base with those red to green duo-chromatic sparkles that everyone loves. It doesn't build up to opacity on it's own but it does well over two coats of China Glaze - Creative Fantasy.

   Worlds Apart is a beautiful polish in it's own right but, if you're looking for a cheaper and more readily available alternative to Fantasy Fire and 230, you're out of luck. I was a bit disappointed because the swatches on the websites show a really strong green flash in the sparkles but I was unable to find an environment when the green flash was nearly as noticeable as it was in the product swatches. It's still a gorgeous polish but, in my opinion the product swatches(on the stockists) were very deceiving.

Ethereal Lacquer - Worlds Apart: $12 Ethereal Lacquer, $13.75 Femme Fatale Cosmetics, S$17 Mei Mei's Signatures, £8.50 Rainbow Connection
Ethereal Lacquer - Worlds Apart over
China Glaze -Creative Fantasy
I included some comparisons so you could see how different these polishes actually are.
Index and Pinky: 2 coats Ethereal Lacquer - Worlds Apart over 2 coats China Glaze - Creative Fantasy
Middle: 1 coat Clarins 230 over 3 coats China Glaze - Creative Fantasy
Ring: 2 coats Max Factor - Fantasy Fire over 3 coats China Glaze - Creative -Fantasy

Fantasy Fire and 230 required an extra coat of Creative Fantasy because they do not add to the opacity of the base color the way that Worlds Apart does.
Ethereal Lacquer - Worlds Apart, Clarins - 230, Max Factor - Fantasy Fire, Ethereal Lacquer - Worlds Apart

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