Wednesday, October 22, 2014

China Glaze - Your Present Required

I got this polish last year from a Nail Polish Wars giveaway. It's in a different bottle because the neck of the bottle burst during shipping. I scooped it into an old Seche Vite bottle though and saved it. I wasn't sure how to wear this color even though it is a very pretty mix of glitter. I saw @punkrockangel2004 / Punky Polish on Instagram use it over black with a matte top coat though and I loved it. So, this is China Glaze - Your Present Required (Holiday 2013/Pop Top 2014) over China Glaze - Liquid Leather with Essie - Matte About You on top.

China Glaze - Your Present Required:  $3.25, $6 .26 Nail Polish Canada
China Glaze - Liquid Leather:  $3.25, $6 .26 Nail Polish Canada, $6.99 Sally Beauty Supply, $7.50 Ulta

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