Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Icing - Pop A Bottle

Unfortunately, I have to tease you guys with another (possibly) discontinued polish while I am anxiously awaiting a restock so I can spend my birthday money that I have been trying to spend since August. I gave up on Harlow & Co. stocking the colors that I wanted since they told me that they would be in back in the end of September. Now, I am waiting for a TBA Llarowe restock that was supposed to possibly be happening in October but will probably be in the beginning of November. Hopefully this one actually happens. :)

This is Icing - Pop A Bottle, it is similar to the long discontinued OPI - Sparkle-Icious. I wouldn't consider it a dupe because Pop A Bottle is much lighter. However, it is similar in that it is a glitter mix containing gold, pink and blue. The major difference is that my bottle of OPI quickly became very thick and gelatinous and couldn't even be saved with Nail Polish thinner or Nail Pattern Boldness - Glitter Food whereas the formula on this one is still going strong. It's not often that I will say that a Claire's brand nail polish is better quality than an OPI but the quality of OPI's Burlesque collection was pretty crappy(though very pretty). The only problem is that Icing seems to have re-done their polish line so I am not sure that it exists anymore.

This is two coats of Icing - Pop A Bottle over Ulta - High Roller with High Roller also on the tips. The good news is... you can still find the Ulta polish which is a pretty awesome color. It's hard to find golds that go well with my skin tone and this is less yellow (maybe a little silvery?) so it goes well on my ultra pale and pink complexion. I also added a bonus swatch of this mani with a Essie - Matte About You top coat. I much prefer this with a shiny top coat though.

Icing - Pop A Bottle: $? Icing
Ulta - High Roller:  $6 Ulta
Icing - Pop A Bottle


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