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Fortune Cookie Soap

 I have wanted to order from Fortune Cookie Soap for a long time. I was totally lusting over their fall collections and I REALLY wanted their Yipes Stipes (supposed to smell like Fruit Stripes gum) and Blueberry Flapjacks soap. Unfortunately, I could never order because the shipping to Canada is just ridiculously expensive. The shipping on my order was $45.60. I do understand that shipping from the US to Canada really is very expensive because I ship between US and Canada all the time (all of my family is in the US) and the box is pretty bulky and heavy. I just really wish there was a solution to this problem because, it is the difference between something being affordable and something being unaffordable.

For Black Friday they were having a deal that all of the Fortune Cookie shaped soaps were half off and buy 2 get 1 free on "almost everything else". The lotions were apparently not part of "almost everything else" but the half-off on the soaps made up for the ridiculous shipping costs and made these an option for X-Mas gifts for the family and gave me the chance to grab a couple items for myself.

The order did take quite a while to get shipped out but, I'm sure that was due to being a Black Friday order and I was well aware that it wasn't going to be shipped out the next day (they warned me). I was however told that they would be sure it arrives before Christmas, it arrived 1 week before Christmas so that worked out.

The only problem that I experienced was that there were two soaps missing from my order but, thankfully I ordered two soaps for myself so I just used those to replace the missing gifts. I did have to give up two soaps that I ordered for myself that I was specifically excited about, so I was upset about that. I contacted their customer service and explained that two soaps were missing and if it was at all possible I would like them to replace the soaps that I ordered for myself and had to give up instead of the two that were missing. They obliged and the replacements were sent out within 48 hours.

I probably won't order from Fortune Cookie Soap again (unless there is a huge sale) only because of very expensive (international) shipping. If there was free shipping available for large orders, I would probably order about once a year. I was perfectly happy with the products, the soaps were larger than I thought they were going to be and the lotions were nice. Some of the soaps did not arrive as pictured but, they were pretty close. For the most part I was happy with my experience ordering from Fortune Cookie Soap. I was content with the customer service solution and response time for the issues that I had.

This post is packed full of images, click  read more for larger images and individual soap reviews!

Bend Over & I'll Show You
Tart cranberry, crisp pine and herbal spruce warmed by clove and a splash of sweet mandarin orange.
$4.25 Bend Over & I'll Show You - Fortune Cookie Soap
$10.99 Bend Over & I'll Show You - 4 oz. Whipped Cream (body butter)
Fortune Cookie Soap
My Take: I was hoping this would smell more like those ornaments you make as a kid where you shove a bunch of cloves in an orange. It smells really good but, I can't really pick out any particular scent because they are pretty well meshed together. I definitely smell something a little spicy which is probably the clove but I don't immediately recognize it as clove.

TL;DR: Fresh and fruity with a little spice, can't really smell the pine thankfully. Smells very good overall, I would buy this again.

A festive blend of apples, sun ripened strawberries and plums dancing with zests of orange and a splash of lime.
$3.99 SQUIRREL! - Fortune Cookie Soap
$10.99 SQUIRREL! - 4 oz. Whipped Cream (body butter)
Fortune Cookie Soap

My Take: Okay, I really love this one. I'm not really a fan of citrus scents so I was hoping the orange and lime would not overpower the apple, strawberry and plum. I mostly smell plum and strawberry, verrrry dreamy.

TL;DR: Mostly plum and strawberry. Smells soosooosoo good, would definitely buy again.

Moose Mug
Rich cream, egg, and a touch of nutmeg.
$4.25 Moose Mug - Fortune Cookie Soap
$10.99 Moose Mug - 4 oz. Whipped Cream (body butter)
Fortune Cookie Soap
My Take: I don't smell eggnog or nutmeg. No idea what this smells like but it doesn't smell bad. The soap unfortunately does not look as pictured on the website, it wasn't spotted all over, it was 2/3 banana yellow and did not have a cinnamon stick sticking out of it.

TL;DR: Did not show up as pictured, doesn't smell like eggnog. Doesn't smell bad but would not buy again.

Scrumptious vanilla pumpkin waffles topped with brown sugar, pecans and sheets of fresh whipped cream.
$3.99 Sparky - Fortune Cookie Soap
$10.99 Sparky - 4 oz. Whipped Cream (body butter)
Fortune Cookie Soap
My Take: I was most excited about this because of the mention of pumpkin waffles. Unfortunately the pecan smell overpowers everything and it smells 100% like pecans.

TL;DR: 100% Pecan smell. Would not buy again.

Fried Pussycat
Juicy plum and whipped caramel wrapped in artisan bourbon vanilla and jasmine blossoms.
$4.49 Fried Pussycat - Fortune Cookie Soap
$10.99 Fried Pussycat - 4 oz. Whipped Cream (body butter)
Fortune Cookie Soap
My Take: I think I have discovered that I have a thing for plum scent. I mostly smell plum, vanilla and a hint of jasmine. I think I smell caramel in the soap but, not in the lotion. The soap however showed up very sticky and messy. I wouldn't mind it for myself but, as a gift it looked like it came from an accident batch. It doesn't really look like the picture, it was not covered in a light layer of sugar and the pipe cleaner was just loose in the bag that it came in.

TL;DR: Smells amazing. I definitely smell plum and vanilla with a hint of jasmine. The soap was a sticky mess and did not arrive as pictured. I would buy the lotion again but, not the soap.

Blueberry Jackflaps
"Blueberry pancakes are our favorite breakfast food! Since we at FCS love to create fragrances after food there was no way we could deny this delicious and scrumptious meal! Smelling this fortune cookie will take you back to Grandma's kitchen where she is frying up some buttery pancakes with plump blueberries cooked in! We even drizzled warm maple syrup on top! Hungry yet? Me too!"
$3.69 Blueberry Jackflaps - Fortune Cookie Soap
My Take: The best looking soap that I bought for sure. It smells like blueberry. I don't really get any butter, maple syrup or pancakes but, I was really only hoping for blueberry anyway.

TL;DR: All Blueberry. Just as cute as pictured on the website. I would  definitely buy this again.

Cinnamon Rolled
"Scrub yourself down with a cinnamon roll! This has to be said – the title of this is pervy, but it is true! It is a known fact that each and every person in the world secretly wishes they can not only smell like their favorite breakfast food, but they can also shower with it. Heck, why do you think we created the new Cinnamon Rolled fortune cookie soap? No, we were not high on anything – except tons of cinnamon rolls – but you will be glad that we were once you give this little beauty a try!..."
$3.49 Cinnamon Rolled - Fortune Cookie Soap

My Take: This smells very good but, I don't think it smells sugary like a cinnamon roll. Smells 100% like cinnamon. It didn't come as pictured on the website but, it looks fine. I probably wouldn't buy this again because I was hoping for more than a one-note scent.

Yipes Stripes! Bar Soap

"This scent is dead on Zebra Gum - talk about childhood memories! Okay, I admit it, I still buy it once in awhile ;)"
$6.95 Yipes Stripes! - Bar Soap
Fortune Cookie Soap
My Take: I was taking their word for it when they said it smells exactly like Fruit Stripes gum and I knew if it smelled as they claimed, I would need a full size bar. Good News!It smells exactly like Fruit Stripes gum. When my mom used to allow me to grocery shop with her when I was a kid, I would always beg her for a back of Fruit Stripes gum and an Archie comic. I would go home, read my Archie comic and eat the entire pack of gum in one sitting. The flavor only lasted about 30s per piece of gum but it tasted awesome. The soap did not come as pictured but it looks better than pictured because it has more colors drizzled on top. Really wish I had some Fruit Stripes gum right now.

TL;DR: Smells exactly like Fruit Stripes gum. Looks better than pictured. Yaaas, would buy again!

Mele Kalikimaka
$10.99 4 oz. Whipped Cream (body butter)
Tropical spiced rum and Tahitian vanilla sprinkled with Jasmine petals and undertones of woods.
$10.99 Mele Kalikimaka - 4 oz. Whipped Cream (body butter)
Fortune Cookie Soap
My Take: This smells great. It has a very spicy smell. It smells like cinnamon and vanilla, I don't really smell anything else. There is definitely another scent in there that I can't quite identify, I am guessing it is the "undertones of woods".
TL;DR: Smells great. Like Cinnamon and Vanilla and some woodsy scent. Would definitely buy again.

'Tis the Season To Be Mary
$10.99 4 oz. Whipped Cream (body butter)
Warm swirls of tobacco with a hint of almond.
$10.99 'Tis The Season To Be Mary - 4 oz. Whipped Cream (body butter)
Fortune Cookie Soap
My Take: I had no idea whether I was going to like this one. I love the smell of almond but I wasn't sure about tobacco. I assumed they meant pipe tobacco but, I have only smelled that burning a couple of times in my life. It smells very very good. I don't smell almond but the tobacco scent smells awesome. I can't really speak for it's accuracy though due to my limited experience with pipe tobacco

TL;DR: I think it smells like pipe tobacco but I am not sure because I haven't smelled much pipe tobacco. Very flowery? Smells very good, anyway. I would buy this again.

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