Saturday, October 25, 2014

OPI - Black Spotted & The Spy Who Loved Me

I was deciding on a Halloween manicure and this is what I came up with. Unfortunately, both of these polishes are not part of current collections so you would have to find them on Amazon or Ebay. Black Spotted is an oily/bubble effect top coat that was only released in a few European countries with The Amazing Spider-Man collection. I got Black Spotted in a swap with Rainbowify Me which is actually the only swap I have ever done. Layla has a line of Bubbly Effect polishes that may be easier to find. The Spy Who Loved me is a bright red with yellow-gold micro-glitters and was released with the Skyfall Holiday 2012 collection.

Black Spotted is extremely hard to work with, it's very watery and the base color has to be completely dry for it to work. If the base color is not dry, you get crackling between all of the bubbles. I tried waiting about 45 minutes before putting on Black Spotted and although it was dry to the touch, it still wasn't dry enough to stop the crackling. I tried using a quick dry top coat but, it made the surface too slick and the watery formula left steaks from wiping itself off. A couple hours would probably do the trick but I just ended up letting the base color dry overnight, touched up the tips and then put Black Spotted on top. Another problem with it is that you have to have the perfect amount of polish on the brush, if you have too much you only get a couple small spots and going back for more is not an option. I do love the results though. :D

OPI - Black Spotted over The Spy Who Loved Me

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

China Glaze - Your Present Required

I got this polish last year from a Nail Polish Wars giveaway. It's in a different bottle because the neck of the bottle burst during shipping. I scooped it into an old Seche Vite bottle though and saved it. I wasn't sure how to wear this color even though it is a very pretty mix of glitter. I saw @punkrockangel2004 / Punky Polish on Instagram use it over black with a matte top coat though and I loved it. So, this is China Glaze - Your Present Required (Holiday 2013/Pop Top 2014) over China Glaze - Liquid Leather with Essie - Matte About You on top.

China Glaze - Your Present Required:  $3.25, $6 .26 Nail Polish Canada
China Glaze - Liquid Leather:  $3.25, $6 .26 Nail Polish Canada, $6.99 Sally Beauty Supply, $7.50 Ulta

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I ♥ NP - Birefringence

Here is the last ILNP Ultra Chrome that I own. Hopefully I will get more someday! I will see what kind of budget I have leftover when and if those Femme Fatale glitters I want ever get stocked. I was going to give up and just order them from the states (Color4Nails) but, I just missed them and they are now closed for a month. Uggh!  Birefringence is a frosty blue to violet multi-chrome. It's pretty awesome! One kind of strange thing that I really like about ILNP is their matte black caps. They photograph well because you can't see the scratches and fingerprints on them. They are changing their bottles on October 31st but, they said they will be keeping the matte caps which is awesome.

I ♥ NP - Birefringence: $12.50
I Love Nail Polish - Birefringence
Half Diffused Light / Half Direct Light
I Love Nail Polish - Birefringence
Diffused Light
I Love Nail Polish - Birefringence
Underwater Diffused Light