Thursday, October 1, 2015

A England - St. George, Lady Of The Lake & Crown of Thistles with MoYou London - Suki 01

I decided to figure out how to do a sponge gradient. This is actually my third try, I kept running into problems, lol.

So, the first time I used a different set of colors and I used the darkest color as the base color, that didn't work out because the lighest color wasn't opaque enough to cover the dark color so that mani got scrapped.

The second time I used the lightest color as a base but I ran into some sponge issues. It seems the top layer of the sponge is kind of fragile and when the nail polish started drying out it pulled small little balls of sponge with it and stuck it to my mani so it was lumpy. I found a way around that by just cutting off the first layer of the makeup sponge.

So, my third try is what is pictured. I used Elmer's glue all around my fingers for easy cleanup but, it seems my nail beds are pretty deep so while it was easy cleanup for the rest of my finger... my cuticles were still a mess. So, I cleaned up but ended up taking too much polish away which is why the color is so far away from my cuticles. I really had to stuff the cleanup brush down into my cuticle pocket though because the dark color stained my cuticles so badly. Another thing I noticed was that I had to put an extra thick strip of the middle color or I don't get enough of it showing because it overlaps with both colors and you lose some of it moving up and down with the sponge. I decided to stamp over it because it wasn't as clean or smooth as I would have liked it.

Not perfect by any means but, I learned a lot through trial and error. I think next time I will try using a small manicure brush to get more coverage on my cuticles with the Elmer's glue. I could have done this over and probably had better results to be more photogenic but... that would be a waste of nail polish. :P

This is a sponge gradient of A England - St.George, A England - Lady of the Lake and A England - Crown of Thistles. I used China Glaze - Liquid Leather for stamping with MoYou London - Suki 01 stamping plate.

Polish: a england - St. George, Lady of the Lake & Crown of Thistles: $12.95 Nail Polish Canada, £9 a england, S$15 Mei Mei's Signatures, $15.40 Femme Fatale Cosmetics
Stamping Plate: MoYou London - Suki 01: £4.99 MoYou, $12 AUD Picture Polish
Stamping Polish: China Glaze - Liquid Leather: $7.95 Nail Polish Canada, $3.25, $6.99 Sally Beauty Supply, $7.50 Ulta

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Clarins - 230 over OPI - Diva of Geneva

Hi guys,

Today I have 2 coats of OPI - Diva of Geneva which is discontinued but, you can still find it on Ebay or Amazon for a decent price. Over Diva of Geneva, I have 2 coats of Clarins - 230 which has been discontinued for a very long time and is sold for absolutely ridiculous prices on Ebay. I stamped over it with China Glaze - Liquid Leather using a Qgirl-030 Stamping Plate from Born Pretty Store using a Creative Shop stamper. Glisten & Glow - HK Girl was used as a top coat.

Thank you for anybody still following after my very long hiatus!

Clarins - 230: Discontinued, Ebay/Amazon
OPI - Diva of Geneva: Discontinued, Ebay/Amazon
Qgirl-030 Stamping Plate - $1.99

Clarins 230 over OPI - Diva of Geneva with China Glaze - Liquid Leather and Qgirl - 030 Stamping Plate
Diffused Light

Clarins 230 over OPI - Diva of Geneva with China Glaze - Liquid Leather and Qgirl - 030 Stamping Plate
Incandescent and Fluorescent (Diffused Light)

Clarins 230 over OPI - Diva of Geneva with China Glaze - Liquid Leather and Qgirl - 030 Stamping Plate
Diffused Light

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wing Dust - Muskoka Sunset

Another re-swatch today! This is one of my top 3 favorite nail polishes of all time, it might even be my favorite but that's too much pressure to pick one. I swatched it with shorties and I wasn't really a fan of the swatch. So, here is a better one!

Wing Dust Collections - Muskoka Sunset: $8.50 Etsy (US/CA), $10.50 Llarowe (International)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wing Dust - Space-Junk In Her Trunk

Hello everybody!

I haven't posted in a long time, it's not because I don't want to. I am moving soon and I just can't afford any new nail polish for a while. So, I have decided to start re-swatching and swatching old polishes that I haven't swatched yet.

First on the list is a Wing Dust polish. I am re-swatching this because I swatched it with shorties and it didn't do the polish justice. This is definitely one of my favorites. I think Wing Dust polishes are my favorites in my collection. I will be re-swatching most of them!

Wing Dust Collections - Space-Junk In Her Trunk: $8.50 Etsy (US/CA), $10.50 Llarowe (International)
Wing Dust - Space-Junk In Her Trunk

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Born Pretty Store - BP49 Stamping Plate (Sailor Moon) with China Glaze, Zoya and Hits

Press Sample

Hello! Today I have a lovely stamping plate to share with you all today. This plate is called "Lovely Mixed Star & Moon Various Images Stamping Template BP49". However, I think it's pretty obvious that it's Sailor Moon inspired. I was very excited to get this plate because Sailor Moon was my #1 thing growing up. I learned how to program websites so I could make a Sailor Moon fan page, that's how much I loved it. I had a ton of different ideas for this mani but none of them panned out because I need to buy more stamping polishes. I don't have a lot of color options to work with. So, I went with white over neon skittles.

As far as the plate goes, it's etched well, no complaints. The only problems I ran into were totally unrelated to the plate. I have very curvy nails so a squishy stamper is my only option, however, you can see sometimes with a squishy stamper on a very curved nail, the images get warped a little and you can really tell with circles. :P

If you don't want to hear more about me, just skip on to the swatch because this next bit is totally unrelated to nails. So, as I said I was really into Sailor Moon, Pokemon and anime in general back around 1998-1999. Toonami on Cartoon Network was in it's prime and I was 12-13 years old. I was having a hard time with the social aspects of school so I retreated into Excite chat rooms using a program called Virtual Places. (Shout out to the Japan, Sailor Moon Club and DNA Graphics chat rooms) I met a lot of really awesome friends there. I learned how to program raw HTML to make a fan site for Sailor Moon. My VP friends used to teach me how to Photoshop in exchange for HTML lessons. When one of my good friends left for a new type of game called EverQuest (the first successful MMO), I decided to try it out. So, long story short, I turned into an MMO nut and I still play EverQuest, I've played on and off (mostly on) for about 15 years and I met my husband 5 years ago on EverQuest. Now, Sailor Moon is being remade and it's pretty awesome. You can watch the new Sailor Moon Crystal on or if you're feeling nostalgic. Forewarning: It's Japanese Audio with English sub so unfortunately it's not ready for the young kids yet. So, that's the story behind my love of Sailor Moon. :P

Polishes: Thumb: China Glaze - Orange You Hot? Index-Pinky:  CG - Are You Jelly?, CG - I'm With The Lifeguard, CG - You Drive Me Coconuts, Zoya - Ling. Stamping Polish: Konad - Special White. Top Coats: Hits - Hefesto (holo top coat) & Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat.

Items Used: 
Born Pretty BP49 Stamping Plate - $1.49

Press Sample

Monday, May 25, 2015

Born Pretty - Mixed Metals Foil Roll Color #13 with Rainbow Honey - 20% Cooler

Press Sample

Alright, I tried nail foils from Born Pretty Store before and I was only partially happy with the results. I did not have foil glue and although you can use these without foil glue, the results are not great. I really liked the foil look though so, I decided to try them out again... this time with the foil glue. I had much much much better results. I was not able to achieve a flawless application however and I'm not even sure that it's possible. So, once again I decided to cover the imperfections with glitter! I added a shot without the glitter covering it so you can see what the foil looked like before I covered it with glitter.

Somehow, I ended up putting a Rainbow Honey glitter over this one too. I guess Rainbow Honey just goes well with foils, who knew? This is a color that... once again I couldn't find a great base color to go with it. Rainbow on Rainbow works pretty well. I used Cirque - Sani as a base which I regret because none of it showed through and it was a total waste of a gorgeous polish that can stand on it's own. I would recommend using any silver foil color you have just in case there are bald spots. Unfortunately, I did not have another silver foil so my only choice was to cover up this beautiful color.

I'm sure you can get better nail foil tutorials on YouTube but I'll give a quick step by step for what I did to achieve this look.

1. Cut nail foils to size. Make them a little larger than your nail just in case your aim is off. You cut these in squares, you don't have to cut them to your nail shape, the excess will be pulled off.

2. Paint your nails with a base coat and base color if desired in case the foil leaves a bald spot and you don't want your natural nail to show through. I used Cirque - Sani but I would recommend a cheaper silver foil that you don't mind covering up.

3. Cover your nail with the foil adhesive the same way you would apply nail polish.

4. The foil adhesive will turn from white to clear when it is almost dry. Wait an extra minute or two to make sure it is completely dry. If any of the glue is still wet, the foil won't stick and you will have a bald spot. The glue remains tacky for quite some time so don't rush through this part. You don't have to do the glue one nail at a time, you can do the whole hand, there is plenty of time.

5. Gently place the center of the foil over the center of your nail just until you feel it catch on the glue and then let it go.

6. Using a Q-Tip, gently rub the middle of your nail up and down. You are rubbing the foil onto the glue. Do the edges last to prevent creasing and folding. You will be temped to do the outside edges first but start from the middle and work your way out to the left and then to the right.

7. After you've gone over the whole nail a couple of times, peel off the excess foil. If your results are good enough for you, stop here. You can add a top coat but the foil will crinkle and not be smooth.

8. If you have imperfections like I did and you would like to cover them up, add a fabulous glitter top coat. I used 2 thin coats of 20% cooler.

9. Finish with a top coat and you're set.

Polishes: Rainbow Honey - 20% Cooler (discontinued but may make reappearances in the Vault) over Cirque - Sani.

Items: Dazzling Starry Mixed Metals Nail Art Foils Glitter Transfer Stickers Paper UV Deco Color: 8#  - $2.99 Born Pretty Store
1Pc 8ml Hot-Sell Star Glue For Transfer Starry Stickers Nail Art Glue  - $3.67 Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty

 Press Sample

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Qgirl - 002 Stamping Plate with Zoya - Dovima & China Glaze - Awaken

Press Sample

There is never a bad day for a gothic manicure. I've been wearing a lot of pastels and neons lately so this was a refreshing break from them. I got this Qgirl - 002 with my last Born Pretty Store order and it gave me a good chance to also use a couple colors that I hadn't used yet. I used Zoya - Dovima which has a matte finish but looks fabulous with a top coat as well and I used China Glaze - Awaken for stamping which stamps very well. For some reason my Creative Shop stamper was leaving a lot of bald spots on this plate but it responded pretty well to my backup Born Pretty stamper. Both stampers have flaws and I'm not completely happy with either. I love the Creative Shop stamper because it clearly picks up large designs but it struggles with intricate details and fine lines which is why I think I couldn't pick up the crosses. The Born Pretty Store stamper works well but the head is significantly smaller (though it still covers my entire nail) and I think I over-primed it because it adds texture where there shouldn't be texture. Thankfully, it's cheap enough to just replace. I am terrified to prime my Creative Shop stamper because it was $20 including shipping and I had to wait 1.5 months for the pre-order.

Polishes: Zoya - Dovima: $9 , China Glaze - Awaken (Stamp): $3.25 $7.95 Nail Polish Canada

Items Used: 
Qgirl-002 Stamping Plate - $2.99
Black Nail Art Stamper & Scraper Set - $2.99

Born Pretty

Press Sample

Friday, May 15, 2015

Born Pretty Store - 5mm Flower Glitter Powder Sheets

Press Sample


I'm starting another set of Born Pretty Store reviews.
First off, I pulled some gorgeous China Glaze polishes out of retirement. These are from the Spring 2012 Prismatic collection. This was a set of really gorgeous polishes that should have made the core line. They take some effort to get your hands on these days if you're outside of the USA but I wouldn't consider them HTF yet.

Then, I took the Born Pretty Store flower shaped nail glitters in white and painted over them with Cirque - Sani to give them a nice silvery holographic finish. I couldn't really figure out what to do with just plain white flowers so I decided to see if I could paint over them well and it worked like a charm. I then adhered them to the nail with a drop of top coat from a toothpick and painted over with another coat of top coat to keep them in place. You can use nail glue for extra staying power but, if you don't own nail glue like me, you can improvise with top coat. :P

If you're looking to order from Born Pretty Store, international shipping takes 2-4 weeks but the shipping is free. Use my code: UYG10 for 10% off!

Polishes: (Index to Pinky) China Glaze - Full Spectrum, Optical Illusion, Liquid Crystal, Prism.
$3.25, $7.95 Nail Polish Canada (only Liquid Crystal in stock)
Cirque - Sani painted over the white flowers.
$13 Cirque Colors (US), $14.50 Nail Polish Canada (CA), $15.40 Femme Fatale Cosmetics (AU), £9.50 Rainbow Connection (UK), S$18 Mei Mei's Signature (SEA), 149,00 kr Edgy Polish (EU)

Items: 5mm Tiny Ultrathin Flower Glitter Powder Sheets Tips Nail Art Decoration - $0.99 Born Pretty Store
(Index to Pinky) China Glaze - Full Spectrum, Optical Illusion, Liquid Crystal, Prism.Cirque - Sani painted over the white flowers.

5mm Tiny Ultrathin Flower Glitter Powder Sheets Tips Nail Art Decoration
Born Pretty

Press Sample

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wing Dust Collections - Prize Winning Petunia

Today I have a polish from one of my most favorite brands. Unfortunately, I must have gotten one of the last batches because I can't seem to find this one anywhere anymore. :(

Prize Winning Petunia is a gorgeous purple holo with a ton of glitter in it. There are some blue opalescent glitters in it which are amazing but you can't really tell in the photo since it's only one angle. :P

Things I love about Wing Dust Collections:
  1. Amazzzing and unique color combinations. The creator, (I think her name is Stephanie) has a great eye for color.
  2. Glitters with holo bases.
  3. I don't have to use any special top coats to flatten the glitter. One coat of Seche Vite/HK Girl works fine.
  4. They age well. I have some that are 1.5 years old and I haven't had to add thinner to them at all. Most glitter polishes in my experience age very poorly, require thinner upkeep often or they harden into a brick of glitter that cannot be thinned.
  5. The glitter does sink (because... gravity) a little but flipping them upside down for 10 minutes before a mani does the trick, I don't need to scrape the bottle to get the glitters back.
  6. I've never HAD to use a base color with the polishes though I often do anyway just to save all of my precious. Opacity is pretty good! Always a good thing just in case I don't have a matching base coat.
  7. They're from Canada! Since moving to Canada from the USA I usually have to wait 2-4 weeks for shipping since almost all nail stuff I order is international shipping. Ordering from inside Canada is a plus for me because I only have to wait 1-2 weeks and the shipping isn't the same price(or very close to) as my order.
If you haven't tried out Wing Dust Collections polishes yet I highly recommend them! I've never received any press samples or discounts from WDC, just a fan. :D

Wing Dust Collections - Prize Winning Petunia: $8.75/$10.65 Etsy (US/CA)
Wing Dust - Prize Winning Petunia over Zoya - Mira

Saturday, May 2, 2015

MoYou London - Tropical 01 with China Glaze, Different Dimension and OPI

Hey guys!

I was looking at my polish rack and spotted Jamaican Out which I forgot that I even had. This is part of their core collection and it's a color I really like. It's a pinky orange with a gold shimmer and it's very summery. In order to make it pop and look sort of neon while bringing out more of the pink side I used one coat over the most neon pink I own (Different Dimension - Pelican Village). I've had the same results layering it over China Glaze - Pool Party (also part of the core collection) but I put it over Pelican Village this time because it was more opaque (still took 3 coats) and unfortunately Pool Party is pretty sheer and requires several coats.

Since I'm super into stamping these days I stamped with the MoYou London - Tropical 01 plate with OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby. I actually had some difficulty picking up the smaller details on the plate and I'm not sure if the plate, my stamper or the polish was the culprit.

MoYou London - Stamping Plates: £4.99 ($9.39 CAD/$7.37 USD) MoYou, $12 AUD Picture Polish
China Glaze - Jamaican Out:  $7.95 Nail Polish Canada, $3.25, $6.99 Sally Beauty Supply, $7.50 Ulta
OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby: $9.95 Nail Polish Canada 
Different Dimension - Pelican Village: No Longer Available.
China Glaze - Jamaican Out over Different Dimension - Pelican Village with MoYou London - Tropical 01 & OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby

Friday, April 24, 2015

MoYou London - Tropical 01 with ILNP and Sally Hansen

I've been looking for a fun way to play with my multi-chromes but, I'm way too lazy to do a gradient or a water marble. Sooo... I decided to see how they stamped. They are pretty transparent so I knew they would probably only work over black.

Basically, I took all the multi-chromes I had without holo in them annnd just kept stamping from the MoYou London Tropical - 01 plate over and over again. I like the results!
I started out using the Birefringence with the zebra design, then Mutagen with the peacock design, then Cyngus Loop with the leopard design and lastly Turquoise Opal with the flowers. You can't really make out the designs other than the peacock feathers but, it's still fun. Click here to see the MoYou London plate.

Sally Hansen - Turquoise Opal (Nail Prisms): Discontinued (Try ILNP - Sirène)
I ♥ NP - Cyngus Loop, Mutagen, Birefringence: $12.50
China Glaze - Liquid Leather:  $7.95 Nail Polish Canada, $3.25, $6.99 Sally Beauty Supply, $7.50 Ulta
I Love Nail Polish - Cyngus Loop, Mutagen, Birefringence & Sally Hansen - Turquoise Opal & China Glaze - Liquid Leather
ILNP - Cyngus Loop, Mutagen, Birefringence & Sally Hansen - Turquoise Opal & China Glaze - Liquid Leather

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MoYou London - Suki 04

Hello! So last post I was talking about how short I had to cut my nails to fit the designs on the MoYou London 18 design 1.5cm plates. This was as short as I was willing to file them, my middle nail actually only had about 1-2mm of free edge in the middle. The designs were not wide enough for my thumb. I really hated having my nails this short but about halfway through filing I did find a length that I really liked that was shorter than I usually have my nails. I think I will aim for that in the future. When I order plates in the future I'm going straight for the XL designs, I was so disappointed in the size of these.

I had to do some patchwork to cover the whole nail, hopefully you can't tell, haha.
This is Sally Hansen - Scarab stamped over Femme Fatale - Apothecary. The Sally Hansen color stamped really really well. I am not sure it would stamp well over darker colors but it stamped very well over lighter colors. Unfortunately, both of these colors are a bit difficult to find now. I would only find one single bottle of Apothecary available and it's in the UK, they do ship to most countries though.

MoYou London - Stamping Plates: £4.99 ($9.39 CAD/$7.37 USD) MoYou, $12 AUD Picture Polish
Sally Hansen - Scarab (Lustre Shine): $7.70 Amazon (Sally Hansen)
Femme Fatale - Apothecary: £9.80 Rainbow Connection

Monday, April 20, 2015

MoYou London - Fashionista 08 with Zoya, OPI and Femme Fatale

Okay, well, this didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but, I think it turned out alright.

I have to say I'm still mega disappointed with the small designs on the 18 design plates from MoYou. They're so small I had to chop down my nails so that there was barely any free edge and they still didn't cover completely (my middle nail had no free edge). They aren't even wide enough to cover my thumb. They should probably be advertised as child sized or something. I really didn't think of my nails of large or something that would require an XL design plate.  This isn't as short as I had to file them down, they've grown out for about 2 weeks now.

I'm not having as much fun with the stamping as I had hoped. I need more stamping polishes to play with and some plates with larger designs. I'm still loving my Creative Shop stamper though!

I used A TON of polishes in this look. I started out with 3 coats of Zoya - Vespa, 2 coats of Femme Fatale - Lunar Halo then I stamped with OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby & stamped again with Femme Fatale - Maddening Whispers. I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat to finish.

The Femme Fatale polishes have been discontinued and I couldn't find anywhere that carries Lunar Halo anymore. You can still find Maddening Whispers in a couple of places which stamps pretty well over light colors but is not opaque.

Zoya - Vespa: $10, $9.68 Nail Polish Canada
OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby: $9.95 Nail Polish Canada
Femme Fatale - Maddening Whispers & Lunar Halo: $10.40 Harlow & Co, $13 Color4Nails
MoYou London - Fashionista 08: £4.99 ($9.39 CAD/$7.37 USD) MoYou, $12 AUD Picture Polish
MoYou London - Fashionista 08, Zoya - Vespa, OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby, Femme Fatale - Maddening Whispers, Femme Fatale - Lunar Halo
MoYou London - Fashionista 08, Zoya - Vespa, OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby, Femme Fatale - Maddening Whispers, Femme Fatale - Lunar Halo

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Creative Shop Stamper and MoYou London Stamping Plates


Today I will be doing a review on the stamping supplies that I recently purchased. This is an image heavy post so you'll have to click read more to see the images of the other 6 stamping plates. :P

So, first up is the Creative Shop Stamper. I've heard these are pretty expensive to get shipped over from Ukraine (I think? I'm not sure where). So, there are a lot of places you can order these, check Creative Shop's International Stockists here. A lot of these places are either out of stock or require you to pre-order so you'll have to keep a look out and maybe follow them on Instagram or Twitter to see when pre-orders begin or they are back in stock.

Pre Ordering from B² Lacquer:  I chose to pre-order from B Squared Lacquer. It took a very long time from pre-ordering to receiving the stamper, keep in mind the shipping was international from both Ukraine to the US and from the US to me in Canada. It took 48 days from ordering to receiving so the PayPal refund claim window actually closed. I had a shipping notice and tracking number when the 45 days were up though so, I just decided to take the risk since I was pretty sure it was going to show up. It cost $20 CAD because of shipping and the exchange rate so it was more expensive than I was comfortable with but, I heard these are the best stampers around so I decided, I'll just suck it up, get the best stamper and then I shouldn't have to buy any more stampers.

Creative Shop Stamper: I'm really happy with the quality of the Creative Shop Stamper. It is HUGE. It's way bigger than any of my nails and I think if you wanted to stamp some very large cabochon jewelry this would work very well for that. I did not have to wash or prime the stamper, it came ready to use. It's very sticky and squishy! It comes with a small piece of paper with instructions for care which is nice because it included a care tip that recommends that I store it in the bag that it came with to maintain the stickiness. It also came with a plastic card scraper that is thinner than a credit card so it's great for scraping since it does not scrape too much. The card came clean but I forgot to take a photo of it before I used it, so, sorry it is dirty, haha.

MoYou London Plates: These plates are gorgeous. I decided to just splurge on some really nice plates so I didn't run into plates that weren't etched well enough as tends to happen with the cheaper plates. I chose MoYou London because they seemed to have the most designs per plate that I would actually use. Stamping plates from other companies only seem to have 1 design per a plate I would use. I do have one complaint and that is that I didn't realize that the plates with the smaller designs on them are only 1.5cm long and they are unfortunately too short for my nails. I was really bummed because I ordered 3 plates with small designs and they're kind of a waste unless I want to file my nails shorter than I would like. They do have XL plates but I was thinking my nails aren't that long so why would I need XL plates? So, 1.5cm is very small. From ordering to my door, it took about 30 days since they ship from the UK. I didn't pay for a tracking number so I was left guessing when they were going to show up. :P

So, to wrap this up, I have a couple of tips that I found to get stamping to work well for me. There was a lot of trial and error and I wasted a lot of polish and acetone figuring it out but, once I got it figured out I got a perfect image almost every time.

1. Don't scrape too hard, if the plate around the etching is a little bit messy, it's okay because for some reason the stamp doesn't seem to pick up the mess unless it's a big blob. If you scrape too much you won't get the full image on the stamper. I barely touch the plate with the scraper.

2. When you dab the stamper on the image you have to use light pressure and lift it quickly. If you hold it down too long or press it too hard, the image won't transfer to the stamper.

Creative Shop Stamper: $9 Color4Nails, $9 B² Lacquer (Pre-Order), £8.00 Rainbow Connection (Pre-Order), 240 грн Creative Shop
MoYou London - Stamping Plates: £4.99 ($9.39 CAD/$7.37 USD) MoYou, $12 AUD Picture Polish
Creative Shop Stamper
Creative Shop Stamper
(Scraper comes without the smudges, forgot to photograph before I used it)

MoYou London - Explorer 22

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Mani Feat. China Glaze, Konad, Zoya, MoYou and Creative Shop

I finally got my stamper in, yaassssss!!!!

It was a pre-order and it took sosososo long.
I will have a post up with a short review on it and the MoYou plates that I ordered soon.

On to the mani! I feel kind of weird busting out the neons/pastels this early but, it's Easter on Sunday so I guess it's about time. Most of the China Glaze polishes are from the 2013 Neons(Sunsational) except for the yellow.

Stamping: Konad Special Nail Polish - White
Plate: MoYou London - Explorer 22
Index: China Glaze - Bottoms Up
Middle: China Glaze - Too Yacht To Handle
Ring: China Glaze - That's Shore Bright
Pinky: China Glaze - Solar Power
Thumb/Bottle: Highlight Of My Summer
Top Coat: Zoya - MatteVelvet

China Glaze - Highlight of My Summer, Bottoms Up, Too Yacht To Handle, That's Shore Bright, Solar Power: $7.95 Nail Polish Canada, $3.25
Konad - White (Special Polish): $9.25 Nail Polish Canada, $7.90 Konad (on sale for $4.75)
Zoya - MatteVelvet: $11.75 Nail Polish Canada, $10 Zoya
MoYou London - Explorer 22: £4.99 ($9.39 CAD/$7.37 USD) MoYou, $12 AUD Picture Polish
Creative Shop Stamper: $9 Color4Nails, $9 B² Lacquer (Pre-Order), £8.00 Rainbow Connection (Pre-Order), 240 грн Creative Shop
Index: CG - Bottoms Up, Middle: CG - Too Yacht To Handle, Ring: CG - That's Shore Bright, Pinky: CG - Solar Power, Thumb/Bottle: CG - Highlight of My Summer, Stamping: Konad Special Nail Polish - White, Top Coat: Zoya - MatteVelvet, Plate: MoYou London - Explorer 22

CG - Highlight of My Summer, CG - Bottoms Up, CG - Too Yacht To Handle, CG - That's Shore Bright, CG - Solar Power, Konad - White (Special Polish), MoYou - Explorer 22, Creative Shop Stamper

Friday, February 27, 2015

a england - Crown of Thistles


Today I have a beautiful a england polish for you! This is Crown of Thistles from the Elizabeth & Mary collection. It's a GORGEOUS red-toned purple holo. The formula is a dream which is standard for a england. The holo is a bit more subtle than most indie polishes but is a bit stronger than a england polishes in the past. So, I would say the holo level is right smack in the middle at a 5/10 if 10 is pure Spectraflair and 0 is a crappy holo from the drug store. It's strong enough that you can see it indoors.

The great thing about a england is you can find it in online shops all around the world. I've listed a few here but there are many many more.

 a england - Crown of Thistles: $10 Llarowe, $10 Color 4 Nails, $12.95 Nail Polish Canada, £9 a england, S$15 Mei Mei's Signatures, $15.40 Femme Fatale Cosmetics
a england - Crown of Thistles

Monday, February 23, 2015

Zoya Sansa over Zoya Mira with MatteVelvet

I really loved Sansa in the bottle, it has a gorgeous purple base and it stays true to color with 1 coat (not opaque). Unfortunately, with 2 coats it loses some of it's purple and becomes more of a blackened maroon base. I found a way to fix it though! Fortunately, I ordered Zoya - Mira at the same time that I ordered Sansa. I just put 2 coats of Zoya Mira down with 1 coat of Sansa on top.
Now, I know gold shimmers look lovely with matte top coats so I gave that a shot as well. It looks fabulous! I think I prefer it matte but, it's a close call.

Top: 1 coat Zoya - Sansa over 2 coats Zoya - Mira with Zoya - MatteVelvet top coat on top.
Bottom: 1 coat Zoya - Sansa over 2 coats Zoya - Mira with Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat on top.

Zoya - Sansa: $9 , $10.75 Nail Polish Canada
Zoya - Mira: $9, $10.75 Nail Polish Canada
Zoya - MatteVelvet Top Coat: $10, $11.75 Nail Polish Canada
Zoya - Sansa over Zoya - Mira with Zoya - Matte Velvet Top Coat
Zoya - Sansa over Zoya - Mira with Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire over Zoya - Sansa over Zoya - Mira

Hello, sorry for the long time no post! I ordered a bunch of stamping plates from MoYou and they finally showed up but, my stamper didn't work with them so I got pretty depressed about it. I've pre-ordered a Creative Shop stamper but I'm guessing it will be at least a month before I actually have it. For the price I paid ($20), it better work and it better be f'ing fantastic.

So, I've had Max Factor Fantasy Fire for a really long time but, I had not found a way to make it look as good as it does in the bottle. I found out on accident. I ordered Mira and Sansa from Zoya during their NYNH Sale and they showed up. I didn't like now Sansa looked with a second coat because the gorgeous purple base seemed to disappear, so, the next time I wore it I tried 2 coats of Mira with 1 coat of Sansa on top. I decided it looked a lot like Max Factor - Fantasy Fire without the green duo-chromatic flash. So, of course I decided to see what it looks like with 2 coats of Max Factor Fantasy Fire on top. It looks pretty awesome. The green flash is there and you can kind of see it on the side of my pointer finger but, it was being camera shy as usual (I still have no idea how to get it to show up in pictures).

I do have some shots of Zoya - Sansa over Zoya - Mira on their own but I will post those another day.

So, this is 2 coats of Max Factor - Fantasy Fire over 1 coat of Zoya - Sansa over 2 coats of Zoya - Mira. Glisten & Glow - HK Girl Top Coat on top.

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire: $11 Color4Nails
Zoya - Sansa: $9 , $10.75 Nail Polish Canada
Zoya - Mira: $9, $10.75 Nail Polish Canada
Max Factor - Fantasy Fire over Zoya - Sansa over Zoya - Mira

Thursday, January 29, 2015

OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby

Hello! I've been putting off posting this week because I was expecting some MoYou nail plates to come in! However, I'm not sure they're showing up this week as I hoped. They are still well within the 5-21 days shipping, they are just on the later side. So, I had to break down and swatch anyway. :P

This is a polish I got just for stamping because I didn't want to use up all of my Ulta - High Roller for stamping. However, I ended up liking this color a lot more than my go-to gold (High Roller) so I think I will be wearing this one as my gold and stamping with High Roller instead.

Love, Angel, Music, Baby is a champagne gold with a semi-matte finish. It doesn't lean too yellow which is very important to me because the yellow golds look terrible on my skin tone. The formula is a dream, as usual and I really love a matte finish even if it is only semi-matte. I decided to try a top coat to see what it looked like glossy (second picture) and it looks fabulous glossy as well. It turned out much more sparkly than I expected! This color was from the Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 collection which was released in October so you might be able to find it in stores still but, your best bet is online.

OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby: $9.95 Nail Polish Canada

Friday, January 16, 2015

Emily de Molly - Absent Minded

Here is one of the many purple polishes that I recently ordered. I ordered some nail plates from Mo You London that should be coming in within the next couple of weeks. I am suuuper excited! I just hope I don't get charged customs for them.

This is Emily De Molly - Absent Minded. It's a gorgeous deep purple polish and glitter mix. It's not a jelly so it's nearly opaque in one coat and didn't need any undies. It has red, blue and peach glitters in mixed sizes. It's a color that has been out a while so it's a bit difficult to find. I got it from Llarowe just a couple weeks ago but, it's gone already. o_o

Hope you like it!

Emily De Molly - Absent Minded: $18.50(S$) Mei Mei's Signatures, $14.75 Nail Polish Canada, 149(NOK) Norway Nails
Emily de Molly - Absent Minded

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Femme Fatale - Mermaiden's Adoration

Here is the other Femme Fatale color that I was dying to have! This is Femme Fatale - Mermaiden's Adoration swatched over Up Colors - Verde 360°. I didn't notice that Up Colors wasn't available anymore. I'm glad I snagged this color when I did. Up Colors is a Brazilian brand that was once carried on Llarowe but, they must have stopped carrying them.

Mermaiden's Adoration is a stunning glitter mix. My favorite part is the semi-transparent iridescent glitters. They either show up as blue, purple or pink when the light hits them. I also love the gold shimmer. This color has been discontinued and the only place I see it left in stock on is Color4Nails so get it while it's there! :D

Femme Fatale - Mermaiden's Adoration: $12.50 Color4Nails
Up Colors - Verde 360°: ??
Femme Fatale - Mermaiden's Adoration
Half Diffused Light/Half Direct Light

Femme Fatale - Mermaiden's Adoration
Full Diffused Light

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Femme Fatale - Deepwild Shallows

Today, I have a color that I've had my eye on since July. When it came out I sent an email to my local Canadian Femme Fatale stockist and asked if they would have them in and they told me 2-3 weeks. Two months later, no update, I sent a follow up email and got no response. So, I gave up on the two polishes I wanted from this collection. I saw that they were to be discontinued though and decided to order from Color4Nails which is based in the US. I was very surprised to see my shipping for 2 polishes was only $3 which is less than I would have paid to get it shipped from the Canadian place.

If you want this color you will have to get it now, either from Color4Nails (US) or Mei Mei's Signatures (SG) for international. I believe they both ship internationally.

I love Femme Fatale polishes. They always have such pretty glitters and such a great formula. I'm a little disappointed they are getting new bottles because this is my favorite bottle shape. :P

I used a coat of Zoya - Frida on top to give it a jelly sandwich look. Zoya now ships to Canada but, I think it will still be cheaper to buy from Nail Polish Canada because there is a $8.59 International Processing Fee when ordering from and Nail Polish Canada has free shipping for Canadians. So, I think will only be cheaper during their promotions like they are having right now (Ends 1/14/15).

This is 1 coat Zoya - Frida (jelly) over 3 coats Femme Fatale - Deepwild Shallows. Glisten & Glow HK Girl on top as usual. :D

Femme Fatale - Deepwild Shallows: $12.50 Color4Nails, $14.80(USD)  Mei Mei's Signatures
Zoya - Frida: $9 Zoya, $10.75 Nail Polish Canada
Femme Fatale - Deepwild Shallows

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Born Pretty - Mixed Metals Foil Roll Color #8

Press Sample

Today, I tried nail foils. I tried the Mixed Metals Foil Roll in Color 8. Now, I had foil glue from some failed experiments years ago but, unfortunately it was all clumped up and I was unable to restore it. I had to use the suggested method on the Born Pretty site and I was sort of happy with the results.

First, I painted my nails with a base coat. Then, I painted a thin layer of base color. I chose a color similar to the foil in hope that I could cover the whole nail with the foil. It was extremely tricky to find the right amount of dry/wet to make the foils stick. I wasted A LOT of foil trying to find the sweet spot. At one point I was totally ready to give up and just order some foil adhesive. The sweet spot ended up being that point where you touch your nail gently and it doesn't smudge and you think it's totally dry but then you go do something (like go to the bathroom or go to bed) and it smudges terribly. Next time I mess with foils, I am just going to get foil adhesive though because this was a huge headache. Born Pretty does sell foil adhesive (here), I just didn't get any, haha.

Anyway, once I found the magic amount of dry/wet, I put the foil on my nail and it didn't seem like it was sticking at all until I rubbed it down with a cotton swab and gently pressed down on it with my fingers. I pulled it off and it finally stuck. It was not the desired results because it didn't stick everywhere on the nail but I did get a large portion of the foil to stick. It ended up looking like a super shiny crackle manicure.

But, since it didn't look how I wanted it to, I decided to cover it in glitter. I have been looking for a base color for Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness for a long time now. I bought the polish and I just couldn't find a color that looked good under it. This looks fabulous! It kind of covers up the foil but, you can still see flashes of it underneath and it adds a nice crinkly gold leaf texture underneath it. :D

For this mani I used...

Polishes: Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness (discontinued for now but may make a comeback soon) over Ulta - High Roller.

Items: Dazzling Starry Mixed Metals Nail Art Foils Glitter Transfer Stickers Paper UV Deco Color: 8#  - $2.99 Born Pretty Store
Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness over Ulta - High Roller
Born Pretty - Mixed Metals Foil Roll #8 inbetween

Born Pretty Store - Mixed Metals Foil Roll #8
over Ulta - High Roller

Born Pretty
Press Sample

Monday, January 5, 2015

Born Pretty Store - 4mm Gold Square Stud & DIY Leather Effect

Press Sample

When I saw these gold studs on Born Pretty Store the first thing I thought was Ooooh, I can do a mani to match my purse! I don't own a leather effect nail polish so I decided to see if I could recreate the leather look with stuff that I already own.

I ended up putting a regular textured polish on in a dark color (Zoya - London). I used a makeup sponge to lightly sponge a regular black creme (China Glaze - Liquid Leather) over the textured polish. If you have a black textured polish, you can just use that. I was satisfied with that alone but, I decided to take it a step further for more texture. I took the cotton netting off of the cotton pads I use (Delon+ Cotton Rounds from Costco) and stretched it tightly over my nail and then painted over it with a glossy top coat (Glisten & Glow HK Girl Fast Dry Top Coat).

Once it was completely dry, it was time to add the studs. These ended up being bigger than I thought they would be, there was a 2mm option but, I thought those would be too small. They fit my nails alright except they were way too big for my pinky. Unfortunately, these do not have flat backs so, making them stick without using nail glue is quite the challenge. I tried a dab of top coat on the nail and putting them on top but it didn't fill the dent in the back so I had to flip them over, fill the dent with top coat and then place them on my nail with the tweezers instead. I didn't have nail glue but, if I did I would have used that instead.


1. Paint nails with a textured polish. Allow to completely dry. I used Zoya - London because it's a dark color and I love how even the texture of the Zoya Pixie Dusts are. If you are using a black textured polish, skip to step 5.

2. If you want to avoid a messy cleanup, paint around your nails with Elmer's Glue (or Liquid Latex/Liquid Palisade/Liquid Tape) or tape around your nails. I used Elmer's Glue. Make sure it's on there thick so you can peel it off easily. Wait until it is completely clear and dry to the touch.

3. Using a makeup sponge, paint a black creme polish onto the sponge, make sure it's all soaked in and there are no blobs. I Used China Glaze - Liquid Leather

4. Gently sponge the color on top of the textured polish. Allow to completely dry and peel off the glue.

5.  Take the netting off of something and pull it tightly over your nail. Paint over the netting with a glossy top coat. I took the netting off of my favorite cotton pads Delon+ Cotton Rounds (from Costco). If you're looking for these, I have seen them in both Costco in the US and Costco in Canada. I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl Fast Dry Top Coat.

6. Fill the divet in the back of the studs with either nail glue or a top coat. Place on the nail in the desired location with a tweezers and press gently to secure.

For this mani I used...

Polishes: China Glaze - Liquid Leather lightly sponged over Zoya - London. Glisten & Glow - HK Girl Fast Drying Top Coat painted over cotton netting on top.

Items: 4mm Gold Square Stud Rhinestone Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art  - $5.84 Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty - 4mm Gold Square Stud
Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat over China Glaze - Liquid Leather over Zoya - London

Born Pretty - 4mm Gold Square Stud
Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat over China Glaze - Liquid Leather over Zoya - London

Born Pretty - 4mm Gold Square Stud
Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat over China Glaze - Liquid Leather over Zoya - London

Born Pretty - 4mm Gold Square Stud
Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat over China Glaze - Liquid Leather over Zoya - London

Born Pretty
Press Sample