Saturday, January 10, 2015

Femme Fatale - Deepwild Shallows

Today, I have a color that I've had my eye on since July. When it came out I sent an email to my local Canadian Femme Fatale stockist and asked if they would have them in and they told me 2-3 weeks. Two months later, no update, I sent a follow up email and got no response. So, I gave up on the two polishes I wanted from this collection. I saw that they were to be discontinued though and decided to order from Color4Nails which is based in the US. I was very surprised to see my shipping for 2 polishes was only $3 which is less than I would have paid to get it shipped from the Canadian place.

If you want this color you will have to get it now, either from Color4Nails (US) or Mei Mei's Signatures (SG) for international. I believe they both ship internationally.

I love Femme Fatale polishes. They always have such pretty glitters and such a great formula. I'm a little disappointed they are getting new bottles because this is my favorite bottle shape. :P

I used a coat of Zoya - Frida on top to give it a jelly sandwich look. Zoya now ships to Canada but, I think it will still be cheaper to buy from Nail Polish Canada because there is a $8.59 International Processing Fee when ordering from and Nail Polish Canada has free shipping for Canadians. So, I think will only be cheaper during their promotions like they are having right now (Ends 1/14/15).

This is 1 coat Zoya - Frida (jelly) over 3 coats Femme Fatale - Deepwild Shallows. Glisten & Glow HK Girl on top as usual. :D

Femme Fatale - Deepwild Shallows: $12.50 Color4Nails, $14.80(USD)  Mei Mei's Signatures
Zoya - Frida: $9 Zoya, $10.75 Nail Polish Canada
Femme Fatale - Deepwild Shallows

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