Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Femme Fatale - Mermaiden's Adoration

Here is the other Femme Fatale color that I was dying to have! This is Femme Fatale - Mermaiden's Adoration swatched over Up Colors - Verde 360°. I didn't notice that Up Colors wasn't available anymore. I'm glad I snagged this color when I did. Up Colors is a Brazilian brand that was once carried on Llarowe but, they must have stopped carrying them.

Mermaiden's Adoration is a stunning glitter mix. My favorite part is the semi-transparent iridescent glitters. They either show up as blue, purple or pink when the light hits them. I also love the gold shimmer. This color has been discontinued and the only place I see it left in stock on is Color4Nails so get it while it's there! :D

Femme Fatale - Mermaiden's Adoration: $12.50 Color4Nails
Up Colors - Verde 360°: ??
Femme Fatale - Mermaiden's Adoration
Half Diffused Light/Half Direct Light

Femme Fatale - Mermaiden's Adoration
Full Diffused Light

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