Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Born Pretty - Mixed Metals Foil Roll Color #8

Press Sample

Today, I tried nail foils. I tried the Mixed Metals Foil Roll in Color 8. Now, I had foil glue from some failed experiments years ago but, unfortunately it was all clumped up and I was unable to restore it. I had to use the suggested method on the Born Pretty site and I was sort of happy with the results.

First, I painted my nails with a base coat. Then, I painted a thin layer of base color. I chose a color similar to the foil in hope that I could cover the whole nail with the foil. It was extremely tricky to find the right amount of dry/wet to make the foils stick. I wasted A LOT of foil trying to find the sweet spot. At one point I was totally ready to give up and just order some foil adhesive. The sweet spot ended up being that point where you touch your nail gently and it doesn't smudge and you think it's totally dry but then you go do something (like go to the bathroom or go to bed) and it smudges terribly. Next time I mess with foils, I am just going to get foil adhesive though because this was a huge headache. Born Pretty does sell foil adhesive (here), I just didn't get any, haha.

Anyway, once I found the magic amount of dry/wet, I put the foil on my nail and it didn't seem like it was sticking at all until I rubbed it down with a cotton swab and gently pressed down on it with my fingers. I pulled it off and it finally stuck. It was not the desired results because it didn't stick everywhere on the nail but I did get a large portion of the foil to stick. It ended up looking like a super shiny crackle manicure.

But, since it didn't look how I wanted it to, I decided to cover it in glitter. I have been looking for a base color for Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness for a long time now. I bought the polish and I just couldn't find a color that looked good under it. This looks fabulous! It kind of covers up the foil but, you can still see flashes of it underneath and it adds a nice crinkly gold leaf texture underneath it. :D

For this mani I used...

Polishes: Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness (discontinued for now but may make a comeback soon) over Ulta - High Roller.

Items: Dazzling Starry Mixed Metals Nail Art Foils Glitter Transfer Stickers Paper UV Deco Color: 8#  - $2.99 Born Pretty Store
Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness over Ulta - High Roller
Born Pretty - Mixed Metals Foil Roll #8 inbetween

Born Pretty Store - Mixed Metals Foil Roll #8
over Ulta - High Roller

Born Pretty
Press Sample

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