Saturday, February 21, 2015

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire over Zoya - Sansa over Zoya - Mira

Hello, sorry for the long time no post! I ordered a bunch of stamping plates from MoYou and they finally showed up but, my stamper didn't work with them so I got pretty depressed about it. I've pre-ordered a Creative Shop stamper but I'm guessing it will be at least a month before I actually have it. For the price I paid ($20), it better work and it better be f'ing fantastic.

So, I've had Max Factor Fantasy Fire for a really long time but, I had not found a way to make it look as good as it does in the bottle. I found out on accident. I ordered Mira and Sansa from Zoya during their NYNH Sale and they showed up. I didn't like now Sansa looked with a second coat because the gorgeous purple base seemed to disappear, so, the next time I wore it I tried 2 coats of Mira with 1 coat of Sansa on top. I decided it looked a lot like Max Factor - Fantasy Fire without the green duo-chromatic flash. So, of course I decided to see what it looks like with 2 coats of Max Factor Fantasy Fire on top. It looks pretty awesome. The green flash is there and you can kind of see it on the side of my pointer finger but, it was being camera shy as usual (I still have no idea how to get it to show up in pictures).

I do have some shots of Zoya - Sansa over Zoya - Mira on their own but I will post those another day.

So, this is 2 coats of Max Factor - Fantasy Fire over 1 coat of Zoya - Sansa over 2 coats of Zoya - Mira. Glisten & Glow - HK Girl Top Coat on top.

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire: $11 Color4Nails
Zoya - Sansa: $9 , $10.75 Nail Polish Canada
Zoya - Mira: $9, $10.75 Nail Polish Canada
Max Factor - Fantasy Fire over Zoya - Sansa over Zoya - Mira

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