Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MoYou London - Suki 04

Hello! So last post I was talking about how short I had to cut my nails to fit the designs on the MoYou London 18 design 1.5cm plates. This was as short as I was willing to file them, my middle nail actually only had about 1-2mm of free edge in the middle. The designs were not wide enough for my thumb. I really hated having my nails this short but about halfway through filing I did find a length that I really liked that was shorter than I usually have my nails. I think I will aim for that in the future. When I order plates in the future I'm going straight for the XL designs, I was so disappointed in the size of these.

I had to do some patchwork to cover the whole nail, hopefully you can't tell, haha.
This is Sally Hansen - Scarab stamped over Femme Fatale - Apothecary. The Sally Hansen color stamped really really well. I am not sure it would stamp well over darker colors but it stamped very well over lighter colors. Unfortunately, both of these colors are a bit difficult to find now. I would only find one single bottle of Apothecary available and it's in the UK, they do ship to most countries though.

MoYou London - Stamping Plates: £4.99 ($9.39 CAD/$7.37 USD) MoYou, $12 AUD Picture Polish
Sally Hansen - Scarab (Lustre Shine): $7.70 Amazon (Sally Hansen)
Femme Fatale - Apothecary: £9.80 Rainbow Connection

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