Monday, May 25, 2015

Born Pretty - Mixed Metals Foil Roll Color #13 with Rainbow Honey - 20% Cooler

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Alright, I tried nail foils from Born Pretty Store before and I was only partially happy with the results. I did not have foil glue and although you can use these without foil glue, the results are not great. I really liked the foil look though so, I decided to try them out again... this time with the foil glue. I had much much much better results. I was not able to achieve a flawless application however and I'm not even sure that it's possible. So, once again I decided to cover the imperfections with glitter! I added a shot without the glitter covering it so you can see what the foil looked like before I covered it with glitter.

Somehow, I ended up putting a Rainbow Honey glitter over this one too. I guess Rainbow Honey just goes well with foils, who knew? This is a color that... once again I couldn't find a great base color to go with it. Rainbow on Rainbow works pretty well. I used Cirque - Sani as a base which I regret because none of it showed through and it was a total waste of a gorgeous polish that can stand on it's own. I would recommend using any silver foil color you have just in case there are bald spots. Unfortunately, I did not have another silver foil so my only choice was to cover up this beautiful color.

I'm sure you can get better nail foil tutorials on YouTube but I'll give a quick step by step for what I did to achieve this look.

1. Cut nail foils to size. Make them a little larger than your nail just in case your aim is off. You cut these in squares, you don't have to cut them to your nail shape, the excess will be pulled off.

2. Paint your nails with a base coat and base color if desired in case the foil leaves a bald spot and you don't want your natural nail to show through. I used Cirque - Sani but I would recommend a cheaper silver foil that you don't mind covering up.

3. Cover your nail with the foil adhesive the same way you would apply nail polish.

4. The foil adhesive will turn from white to clear when it is almost dry. Wait an extra minute or two to make sure it is completely dry. If any of the glue is still wet, the foil won't stick and you will have a bald spot. The glue remains tacky for quite some time so don't rush through this part. You don't have to do the glue one nail at a time, you can do the whole hand, there is plenty of time.

5. Gently place the center of the foil over the center of your nail just until you feel it catch on the glue and then let it go.

6. Using a Q-Tip, gently rub the middle of your nail up and down. You are rubbing the foil onto the glue. Do the edges last to prevent creasing and folding. You will be temped to do the outside edges first but start from the middle and work your way out to the left and then to the right.

7. After you've gone over the whole nail a couple of times, peel off the excess foil. If your results are good enough for you, stop here. You can add a top coat but the foil will crinkle and not be smooth.

8. If you have imperfections like I did and you would like to cover them up, add a fabulous glitter top coat. I used 2 thin coats of 20% cooler.

9. Finish with a top coat and you're set.

Polishes: Rainbow Honey - 20% Cooler (discontinued but may make reappearances in the Vault) over Cirque - Sani.

Items: Dazzling Starry Mixed Metals Nail Art Foils Glitter Transfer Stickers Paper UV Deco Color: 8#  - $2.99 Born Pretty Store
1Pc 8ml Hot-Sell Star Glue For Transfer Starry Stickers Nail Art Glue  - $3.67 Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty

 Press Sample

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