Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Qgirl - 002 Stamping Plate with Zoya - Dovima & China Glaze - Awaken

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There is never a bad day for a gothic manicure. I've been wearing a lot of pastels and neons lately so this was a refreshing break from them. I got this Qgirl - 002 with my last Born Pretty Store order and it gave me a good chance to also use a couple colors that I hadn't used yet. I used Zoya - Dovima which has a matte finish but looks fabulous with a top coat as well and I used China Glaze - Awaken for stamping which stamps very well. For some reason my Creative Shop stamper was leaving a lot of bald spots on this plate but it responded pretty well to my backup Born Pretty stamper. Both stampers have flaws and I'm not completely happy with either. I love the Creative Shop stamper because it clearly picks up large designs but it struggles with intricate details and fine lines which is why I think I couldn't pick up the crosses. The Born Pretty Store stamper works well but the head is significantly smaller (though it still covers my entire nail) and I think I over-primed it because it adds texture where there shouldn't be texture. Thankfully, it's cheap enough to just replace. I am terrified to prime my Creative Shop stamper because it was $20 including shipping and I had to wait 1.5 months for the pre-order.

Polishes: Zoya - Dovima: $9 Zoya.com , China Glaze - Awaken (Stamp): $3.25 Nailsuppies.us $7.95 Nail Polish Canada

Items Used: 
Qgirl-002 Stamping Plate - $2.99 BornPrettyStore.com
Black Nail Art Stamper & Scraper Set - $2.99 BornPrettyStore.com

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Press Sample

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