Friday, April 24, 2015

MoYou London - Tropical 01 with ILNP and Sally Hansen

I've been looking for a fun way to play with my multi-chromes but, I'm way too lazy to do a gradient or a water marble. Sooo... I decided to see how they stamped. They are pretty transparent so I knew they would probably only work over black.

Basically, I took all the multi-chromes I had without holo in them annnd just kept stamping from the MoYou London Tropical - 01 plate over and over again. I like the results!
I started out using the Birefringence with the zebra design, then Mutagen with the peacock design, then Cyngus Loop with the leopard design and lastly Turquoise Opal with the flowers. You can't really make out the designs other than the peacock feathers but, it's still fun. Click here to see the MoYou London plate.

Sally Hansen - Turquoise Opal (Nail Prisms): Discontinued (Try ILNP - Sirène)
I ♥ NP - Cyngus Loop, Mutagen, Birefringence: $12.50
China Glaze - Liquid Leather:  $7.95 Nail Polish Canada, $3.25, $6.99 Sally Beauty Supply, $7.50 Ulta
I Love Nail Polish - Cyngus Loop, Mutagen, Birefringence & Sally Hansen - Turquoise Opal & China Glaze - Liquid Leather
ILNP - Cyngus Loop, Mutagen, Birefringence & Sally Hansen - Turquoise Opal & China Glaze - Liquid Leather

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MoYou London - Suki 04

Hello! So last post I was talking about how short I had to cut my nails to fit the designs on the MoYou London 18 design 1.5cm plates. This was as short as I was willing to file them, my middle nail actually only had about 1-2mm of free edge in the middle. The designs were not wide enough for my thumb. I really hated having my nails this short but about halfway through filing I did find a length that I really liked that was shorter than I usually have my nails. I think I will aim for that in the future. When I order plates in the future I'm going straight for the XL designs, I was so disappointed in the size of these.

I had to do some patchwork to cover the whole nail, hopefully you can't tell, haha.
This is Sally Hansen - Scarab stamped over Femme Fatale - Apothecary. The Sally Hansen color stamped really really well. I am not sure it would stamp well over darker colors but it stamped very well over lighter colors. Unfortunately, both of these colors are a bit difficult to find now. I would only find one single bottle of Apothecary available and it's in the UK, they do ship to most countries though.

MoYou London - Stamping Plates: £4.99 ($9.39 CAD/$7.37 USD) MoYou, $12 AUD Picture Polish
Sally Hansen - Scarab (Lustre Shine): $7.70 Amazon (Sally Hansen)
Femme Fatale - Apothecary: £9.80 Rainbow Connection

Monday, April 20, 2015

MoYou London - Fashionista 08 with Zoya, OPI and Femme Fatale

Okay, well, this didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but, I think it turned out alright.

I have to say I'm still mega disappointed with the small designs on the 18 design plates from MoYou. They're so small I had to chop down my nails so that there was barely any free edge and they still didn't cover completely (my middle nail had no free edge). They aren't even wide enough to cover my thumb. They should probably be advertised as child sized or something. I really didn't think of my nails of large or something that would require an XL design plate.  This isn't as short as I had to file them down, they've grown out for about 2 weeks now.

I'm not having as much fun with the stamping as I had hoped. I need more stamping polishes to play with and some plates with larger designs. I'm still loving my Creative Shop stamper though!

I used A TON of polishes in this look. I started out with 3 coats of Zoya - Vespa, 2 coats of Femme Fatale - Lunar Halo then I stamped with OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby & stamped again with Femme Fatale - Maddening Whispers. I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat to finish.

The Femme Fatale polishes have been discontinued and I couldn't find anywhere that carries Lunar Halo anymore. You can still find Maddening Whispers in a couple of places which stamps pretty well over light colors but is not opaque.

Zoya - Vespa: $10, $9.68 Nail Polish Canada
OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby: $9.95 Nail Polish Canada
Femme Fatale - Maddening Whispers & Lunar Halo: $10.40 Harlow & Co, $13 Color4Nails
MoYou London - Fashionista 08: £4.99 ($9.39 CAD/$7.37 USD) MoYou, $12 AUD Picture Polish
MoYou London - Fashionista 08, Zoya - Vespa, OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby, Femme Fatale - Maddening Whispers, Femme Fatale - Lunar Halo
MoYou London - Fashionista 08, Zoya - Vespa, OPI - Love, Angel, Music, Baby, Femme Fatale - Maddening Whispers, Femme Fatale - Lunar Halo

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Creative Shop Stamper and MoYou London Stamping Plates


Today I will be doing a review on the stamping supplies that I recently purchased. This is an image heavy post so you'll have to click read more to see the images of the other 6 stamping plates. :P

So, first up is the Creative Shop Stamper. I've heard these are pretty expensive to get shipped over from Ukraine (I think? I'm not sure where). So, there are a lot of places you can order these, check Creative Shop's International Stockists here. A lot of these places are either out of stock or require you to pre-order so you'll have to keep a look out and maybe follow them on Instagram or Twitter to see when pre-orders begin or they are back in stock.

Pre Ordering from B² Lacquer:  I chose to pre-order from B Squared Lacquer. It took a very long time from pre-ordering to receiving the stamper, keep in mind the shipping was international from both Ukraine to the US and from the US to me in Canada. It took 48 days from ordering to receiving so the PayPal refund claim window actually closed. I had a shipping notice and tracking number when the 45 days were up though so, I just decided to take the risk since I was pretty sure it was going to show up. It cost $20 CAD because of shipping and the exchange rate so it was more expensive than I was comfortable with but, I heard these are the best stampers around so I decided, I'll just suck it up, get the best stamper and then I shouldn't have to buy any more stampers.

Creative Shop Stamper: I'm really happy with the quality of the Creative Shop Stamper. It is HUGE. It's way bigger than any of my nails and I think if you wanted to stamp some very large cabochon jewelry this would work very well for that. I did not have to wash or prime the stamper, it came ready to use. It's very sticky and squishy! It comes with a small piece of paper with instructions for care which is nice because it included a care tip that recommends that I store it in the bag that it came with to maintain the stickiness. It also came with a plastic card scraper that is thinner than a credit card so it's great for scraping since it does not scrape too much. The card came clean but I forgot to take a photo of it before I used it, so, sorry it is dirty, haha.

MoYou London Plates: These plates are gorgeous. I decided to just splurge on some really nice plates so I didn't run into plates that weren't etched well enough as tends to happen with the cheaper plates. I chose MoYou London because they seemed to have the most designs per plate that I would actually use. Stamping plates from other companies only seem to have 1 design per a plate I would use. I do have one complaint and that is that I didn't realize that the plates with the smaller designs on them are only 1.5cm long and they are unfortunately too short for my nails. I was really bummed because I ordered 3 plates with small designs and they're kind of a waste unless I want to file my nails shorter than I would like. They do have XL plates but I was thinking my nails aren't that long so why would I need XL plates? So, 1.5cm is very small. From ordering to my door, it took about 30 days since they ship from the UK. I didn't pay for a tracking number so I was left guessing when they were going to show up. :P

So, to wrap this up, I have a couple of tips that I found to get stamping to work well for me. There was a lot of trial and error and I wasted a lot of polish and acetone figuring it out but, once I got it figured out I got a perfect image almost every time.

1. Don't scrape too hard, if the plate around the etching is a little bit messy, it's okay because for some reason the stamp doesn't seem to pick up the mess unless it's a big blob. If you scrape too much you won't get the full image on the stamper. I barely touch the plate with the scraper.

2. When you dab the stamper on the image you have to use light pressure and lift it quickly. If you hold it down too long or press it too hard, the image won't transfer to the stamper.

Creative Shop Stamper: $9 Color4Nails, $9 B² Lacquer (Pre-Order), £8.00 Rainbow Connection (Pre-Order), 240 грн Creative Shop
MoYou London - Stamping Plates: £4.99 ($9.39 CAD/$7.37 USD) MoYou, $12 AUD Picture Polish
Creative Shop Stamper
Creative Shop Stamper
(Scraper comes without the smudges, forgot to photograph before I used it)

MoYou London - Explorer 22