Sunday, December 11, 2016

Coloured Raine - Queen of Hearts Palette


Today I have a palette to share with you all. This is from an indie company called Coloured Raine, it is the Queen of Hearts palette and it just released on Black Friday. It is a black-owned business.

So, as for reviewing ordering from Coloured Raine, it went alright. My dad actually purchased this for me as a Christmas gift. Black Friday was supposed to be 25% off but the sale did not go live at midnight EST like it was supposed to, I was afraid the things that I wanted might sell out so he put the order through anyway. The shipping label was printed next day, TAT was 5 Days (it was Black Friday so I assume TAT is usually quicker) and Shipping from Southern California to Ontario, Canada took 8 days which is SUPER fast for international mail.

Shipping to Canada was only $8 which is very reasonable. Now, before I say this next thing I have to say that there was a warning before you order that international customers are responsible for duties and taxes so they were up front that this could happen. I got a bill for $22.32 duties/customs/handling. That was a surprise because usually when you order from these smaller companies they undervalue the items, unfortunately the full price was put down. The duties weren't too bad, it was only $13.27 but the Handling fee was $9.95, so that was some bullshit. Thanks so much, customs <.<.

So, if you take into account the shit exchange rate, This palette costs $66 + $11 Shipping + $10 Handling + $13 Customs/Taxes, That equals... $100 and holy fuck I would be broke if this wasn't a gift. Thanks, dad!

So, unfortunately, I don't think I will be ordering from Coloured Raine again just because the customs fees were too much which I can't fault them for, that's Canada's fault. The ordering, TAT and shipping were great though, just be ready for that customs fee if you order international because they do not fudge that sheet.

On to the products! I also got two liquid lipsticks as well which I will review in an upcoming post which will feature a ton of liquid lipsticks.

I LOVED the design on the sleeve that the palette slides into, the foil on the inside of the palette was a bit scratched up and probably won't age well but I really couldn't give a shit about that as long as the shadows are nice and didn't cost me an arm and a leg. They will probably be depotted in the future anyway. You do not need the sleeve to hold it together, it has a magnetic closure and a mirror inside.

This is the Queen of Hearts palettes, everyone has been going nuts for these purple/pink/red palettes lately. I think it all started with ABH Modern Renaissance, however, I wasn't feeling the ABH palette. When I saw this on Instagram, I had to have it. I don't have a palette like this, I tend to buy cool toned palettes because they go well on my skin but, I loved these colors.

There are 6 mattes and 6 foils in this palette. I am not sure how deep the pans are without tearing up with packaging but, I can tell you they are 26mm pans and some of them, particularly the matte are nearly full and the foils are just a bit under filled thought they are all different, I would assume they are filled by weight.

I usually apply shadows with a damp brush to increase opacity and vibrancy, even when swatching and I can safely tell you that I used completely dry brushes both to swatch and to apply so these are very pigmented. The foils are really soft and easy to blend and apply, I didn't have to wet them or use any special primers. The mattes don't finger swatch well (especially Ladyship) and they feel chalky to the touch but I promise you I had 0 problems applying them with a brush which is why the brush swatches look much better. They picked up fine and blended well.

So, very soft, very pigmented, very blendable. I would give them an A+. I would recommend Coloured Raine to a friend, just friends in the US. I like the quality of the mattes and foils in this palette much better than my Smashbox Full Exposure palette.

Coloured Raine - Queen of Hearts: $50 USD
Coloured Raine - Queen of Hearts Palette L-R
Top: Crown, Royal Highness, Your Majesty, Princess, Empress, Queen Mother
Bottom: Heir, Royal Prerogative, Noblewoman, Ladyship, Duchess, Dethrone
Coloured Raine - Queen of Hearts Palette
Palette in Sleeve
Coloured Raine - Queen of Hearts Palette
Without Sleeve
Coloured Raine - Crown (Foil)
Coloured Raine - Royal Highness (Foil)
Coloured Raine - Your Majesty (Foil)
Coloured Raine - Princess (Matte)
Coloured Raine -Empress (Matte)
Coloured Raine - Queen Mother (Foil)
Coloured Raine - Heir (Matte)
Coloured Raine - Royal Prerogative (Matte)
Coloured Raine - Noblewoman (Foil)
Coloured Raine - Ladyship (Matte)
Coloured Raine - Duchess (Matte)
Coloured Raine - Dethrone (Foil)
L-R: Crown, Your Highness, Your Majesty, Princess, Empress, Queen Mother
L-R: Heir, Royal Prerogative, Ladyship, Duchess, Dethrone

L-R: Crown,  Royal Highness, Your Majesty, Princess, Empress, Queen Mother
L-R: Heir, Royal Prerogative, Ladyship, Duchess, Dethrone

Look:  I started out with Princess to contour the hollow of my eye and then deepened the crease with Ladyship. I used Royal Highness all over the lid. In the outer corner of the lid, I added Queen Mother. I used Empress on the lower lash line and Crown to highlight under my brow arch. I finished with tight lining my eyes with black gel liner, patting a matte black eye shadow over it and then curled my lashes and applied mascara. I filled in my brows with CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner in Grey Khaki.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Colourpop - Porter, Weenie, Moonwalk & Lunch Money - A fun Christmas Look for Hooded Eyes


Today I am sharing a Colourpop order that I placed back in October that I am just getting around to reviewing. This is my second order from Colourpop. So far, no complaints, TAT was decent, shipping was quick and nothing was damaged. Colourpop has a no return policy, however, I recently found out that if you receive a damaged item, all you have to do is send them a photo and they will send out a replacement.

For those unfamiliar with Colourpop, they have a pretty wide range of products. However, they are most well known for their affordability, liquid lipsticks and cream to powder products (eyeshadows, blush, highlighters, contour).

The cream to powder formula is really cool, it glides on heavily pigmented and it sort of "dries" into a powder so you don't get all the greasy texture, slipping and creasing that are usually prevalent in cream products. Cream products also tend to feel a bit heavy on your lids and the ones that dry properly feel stiff. That is not the case with these, they feel just as light as powder.

However, since they are a cream in the jar, picking it up with a brush is really difficult, they blend just fine once they are on your lid but getting it on the lid is much easier without a brush. For this, most people use their fingers but if you're concerned with contamination you can use those little sponge applicators that come in your drugstore palettes and they work really well (finally, they are good for something!)

So, here we go!
I was aiming to reach outside of my comfort zone with this order, I generally use cool toned colors (I have cool-toned skin) but, warm tones are really trendy this fall with the ABH Modern Renaissance palette becoming so popular. I really loved the way they looked on everyone else so I decided to try it out.

I was not disappointed, they look just fine on me, I still used cool toned colors for my eye contour, check out the look and near the bottom. I do have hooded eyes so that is why I do my makeup a bit differently than other people.

The shadows were great, as usual. However, I did not like the highlighter. It wasn't pale enough for me, it matched my skin tone so it didn't highlight, the shimmer also wasn't very apparent. I'll probably just use it as an eye shadow base or for a highlight base under my brow instead of concealer.

I probably won't try a cream highlighter again, I should have known better because cream products don't work very well on my oily skin, they kind of separate and I just get this greasy film that sits on top of my pores which was the case with this highlighter.

If you're planning to order from Colourpop, I highly recommend you follow their Instagram because they have sales pretty frequently, they are usually sales where you spend $25+ and you get one or two products free for whatever product they are promoting at the time. The first time I got an eyeshadow and the second time I got the highlighter.

For international orders, orders $50 or more ship free until the end of the year or there is a flat rate for $9.99 for orders under $50.

Colourpop - Weenie: $5 USD, - Metallic rose gold.
Colourpop - Porter: $5 USD, - Burgundy/Wine with gold shimmer. Pulls more of a brick/brown on me unless it's over a base/primer.
Colourpop - Moonwalk: $5 USD, - Metallic green/gold that shifts into a warm reddish-brown in indirect light.  
Colourpop - Lunch Money: $8 USD, - Pale neutral gold, champagne-ish?.

Colourpop - L to R, Top: Weenie, Porter, Bottom: Moonwalk, Lunch Money
Colourpop - Weenie, Porter, Moonwalk, Lunch Money
Colourpop - Porter - Eyeshadow
Colourpop - Weenie - - Eyeshadow
Colorpop - Lunch Money - Highlighter
Colourpop - Moonwalk - Eyeshadow
Colourpop - Moonwalk - Eyeshadow
Colourpop - Moonwalk - Eyeshadow

For this look I started with a powder shadow that matched my skintone (Urban Decay - Foxy) over primer. I then swept a beige color slightly darker than my skintone (Urban Decay - Tease) all over my crease and the hollow of my eye, anywhere that was sunken in (on the top lid). Then I defined the crease with a much darker brown (Urban Decay - Snakebite). and blended it into the beige.

I filled in my brows with CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus in Grey Khaki and a bit of Urban Decay - Tease and blended it with a spoolie.

Then, I covered my lid and outer third of my lower lash line with Porter using an eyeshadow sponge and blended it out and added a bit more after blending to bring back the color. I added Weenie on the inner 2/3 of my eye and the middle third of my lower lash line, blending it over Porter.

I then used a black gel liner and tightlined my whole upper lash line and the outer half of my lower lash line and smudged it with the sponge end of a kohl liner pencil. I patted a matte black eyeshadow (Urban Decay - Blackout) over the gel liner to make it darker and more matte as well as to increase wear time.

I then took an angled eyeliner brush and dampened it with a wet wipe and applied Moonwalk in a slight wing, pulling it only halfway across my eyelid so that when my hooded eyes are all the way open you can still see Porter and Weenie on the inner half or else you would only see Moonwalk.

I then used Lunch Money to highlight under the arch of my brow, though in retrospect, I would use my Covergirl Roses palette in Champagne for a stronger highlight.

I then finished by curling my lashes and applying CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Mascara for Hazel Eyes in Black/Gold which is just a black mascara with gold shimmer in it.

Christmas Look - Partially Closed eye so you can see the lid

Christmas Look - Fully Closed eye so you can see the lid

Christmas Look - Open a Normal amount, this is how much of my lid actually shows

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Nyx - Mermaid & Colourpop - Krinkle


Today I am reviewing a couple of products that I picked up in the US while I was on vacation.
I picked up Nyx - Mermaid from the Nyx store in MoA and Colourpop - Krinkle from Both products are available in Canada.

Nyx - Mermaid: $7.99, $5.99 Ulta

I was unaware that there was a Nyx store in Canada since I avoid Eaton Centre now that I live in Toronto as much as I avoided Mall of  America when I lived in Minnesota. However, last time I was there, sure enough, there was a Nyx store. I just popped in for a look but Mermaid caught my eye and I was able to sample it in store and bought it immediately, it was so pretty.

It is sheer enough that you could use it as a pearlescent highlight and it did take a lot of product to build it up to full opacity. I could only build to opacity using a damp brush, which I usually use anyway. I really love the way that it looks when the light hits it.

Nyx is available on or at a Nyx store near you. Shoppers Drug Mart and Ulta (not so limited) also have limited collections.

Colourpop - Krinkle: $5 USD, Discontinued,

Unfortunately, this eyeshadow was discontinued shortly after I bought it. I am not sure why. I also purchased some liquid to matte lipsticks from Colourpop which I have mixed feelings about and will review shortly.

I'm fairly positive that they ship worldwide, I had it shipped to the states just because I could get free shipping on it that way. The shipping to Canada is $10 which isn't too bad.

I really like the eyeshadow, it's a very strange texture, it's like a squishy powder? It's very pigmented because it almost seems like it's not completely dry and you could apply it with your finger but it's definitely not a cream either. I applied this with a damp eyeliner brush and it was opaque in one swipe. I would definitely try more Colourpop shadows in the future.

Colour Pop - Supershock Eyeshadow - Krinkle
Nyx - Prismatic Eyeshadow- Mermaid
Colour Pop - Supershock Eyeshadow - Krinkle
Nyx - Prismatic Eyeshadow- Mermaid

Colour Pop - Supershock Eyeshadow - Krinkle
Nyx - Prismatic Eyeshadow- Mermaid
Glamour Doll Eyes - Makinac

The Look
Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadows in Mermaid on the lid, Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows in Krinkle as the wing on the outer corner, Glamour Doll Eyes - Makinac on the lower lash line, Smashbox in M5 from the Full Exposure palette in the crease and Femme Fatale - Moonrest under the outer brow.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Tarte Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette


On August 2nd I celebrated my 30th birthday. I'm a bit bummed out about the age but, my birthday was great. Last year I spent my birthday sick, in bed, not able to eat, I had lost 30 lbs in 2 months and in the middle of preparing for a move. This year, we're settled, I'm looking for a job and my husband got me a DQ cake and a huge, adorable Snorlax plushie. We also went out to see Suicide Squad and go out to eat this weekend to celebrate.

So, today I went in to Sephora to collect my birthday gift and to check out some palettes that I had my eye on and treat myself to one for my birthday. I have had my eye on some Tarte palettes for a while and I wanted to go in store to try them out before I bought them because swatches online are very frequently inaccurate for me because I am just sooooo freaking pale. Not only pale, but, I have pink (cool) undertones. I was looking for the Tartelette Matte, Rainforest of the Sea and Swamp Queen palette. I really love to use mattes but my eye is always drawn to the shimmers while buying so, that is why I didn't buy that palette. Sephora did not have the Rainforest of the Sea palette, I was really disappointed with that because that is the one I was leaning towards buying online. I ended up buying the Swamp Queen palette, it's a really unique set of nudes so I could justify buying ANOTHER nude palette.

Full disclosure, I have not watched many of Grav3yardgirl's videos. I have watched a few and I know that she is very pale, so, I figured she would have picked a set of colors that would be flattering on my skin tone given that they are similar. I really wanted to try the Texas Toast liquid matte lipstick but, the sampler was stolen because... Sephora, and of course it's stolen.

I have not used Tarte shadows before, the only Tarte products that I have owned were a Tarte Lipsurgence balm stain in Enchanted and a sample of Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. I was really impressed with how soft and pigmented all of the colours were. When I first opened it, I immediately noticed that it had a really pleasant scent, I'm not sure exactly what the scent is supposed to be because it is very artificial, chocolate or vanilla would be my guess. The best way I can describe it is, it smells like a Cabbage Patch doll that my older sister had when we were kids.

I am happy that I tried these in store because some of the colors come out very different on the skin than they look in the palette. Haunting, Uncommon and Mancat appear to have a bit of a purple tone to them in the palette but they are very brown on the skin. I swatched the bronzer, blush and highlight to full opacity as if they were eye shadows, so don't be alarmed by how opaque they are, lol.

There was a insert that tells you which shades to use where for a night and day look, but, I don't like being told what to do so I thew it away.

The bronzer was too dark for me which was disappointing considering it's Bunny's palette and I know she is nearly if not as pale as I am but, I was able to make it work by blowing most of the product off the brush and blending for approximately forever minutes. The highlight also wasn't really light enough, it was pretty much the same shade as my skin which was also disappointing but works for a more subtle look. I think it would work better as a shadow anyway because the glitter in it is a bit chunky and doesn't really help in smoothing out your skin, however, it would make an awesome glittery eyeshadow. I will probably use it mostly as an eyshadow and then highlight with my CoverGirl truNaked palettes. The blush was perfect though. I think they appealed to the masses (tan people) when they made the bronzer and highlight.

Overall, I was really happy with this palette despite the bronzer being too dark and highlight not being light enough. I would purchase it again or recommend it to a friend.

L-R: Sweet Tea (Bronzer), Does This Thing Really Work? (Blush), Gator Wings (Highlight), #SFS, Natural Peaches, Dogman
L-R: Big Baby, Sassy Bun, Sippy Sippy, Haunting, Uncommon, Mancat
Top: Look 1, Bottom: Look 2.
Left: Without Flash, Right: With Flash
Swamp Queen Look with Hooded, Deep Set eyes
I have both hooded and deep set eyes so I do makeup a bit differently than most people, I think. I can't put liner on the top on the inner half of my eye or my whole eyelid is consumed with the liner,. As for the outside of my eye, the crease cuts through where you would normally put a winged liner so I just do a winged eyeshadow instead. The liner just gets eaten up in the crease and doesn't look smooth or precise, eyeshadow has a softer look so this is less noticeable.

Look 1:  I used Big Baby as a base, I used Haunting all over the crease and a bit outside the crease for coutour and then used Mancat to define the crease. I used Sassy Bun all over the lid and on the lower lash line. I then used Uncommon wet with a liner brush to create an eyeshadow wing. I applied gator wings on the brow bone and in the inner corner of my eye.
Photoshop Disclosure: Skin around the nose and under the eye has been smoothed.

Look 2: I used Big Baby as a base, Natural Peaches all over the crease and a bit outside the crease for countour and then used Dogman to define the crease. I used #SFS all over the lid and on the lower lash line. I then used Dogman wet with a liner brush to creaste an eyeshadow wing. I applied Gator Wings on the brow bone and in the inner corner of my eye.

Friday, July 29, 2016

ILNP - Lulu


It has been a while since my last post but, that is nothing unusual. I fell into a bit of a depression and to be honest, I'm still sort of in it. My life has become pretty stressful with family drama, I can't go into too much detail since I use my real name on here. Anyway, I have been looking for a job for about a month now and not having any luck yet.

Game wise, I am also having a bit of trouble moving on from EverQuest, I am still sad about my guild folding and quitting the game but, our bank account is greatly appreciating it. I have been playing games on Steam, I was really addicted to Stardew Valley for a while and now I have been on a Terraria kick. They are really far removed from Everquest but, I did need something more casual.

So, on top of that I am kind of bummed out that I am turning 30 on August 2nd. I know that isn't something I should be bummed about but, it doesn't stop it. It's a scary number for a woman. Annnd... the Instagram changes are really pissing me off. I knew that they would hurt me as a blogger, what I didn't expect was that it made it impossible to go through my feed and I hardly even use it anymore because it's so disorganized.

Anyway, I decided to paint my nails today, they have gotten pretty long and at this point I need to keep them painted at all times or they will break and it will be a nasty one. It's really a gamble at this point, I love the length bu they are so fragile and if I push it much further, I'm going to break them badly enough that I will have to file them down to nubs.

This is ILNP - Lulu. I love the name because my favorite uncle called me Lulu as a kid after the Little Lulu comic/cartoon. I would not have bought the polish just for the name, even though I would have been tempted. It just so happened to be my favorite color, in a beautiful shade and a holo. So, basically... I love this polish. Now, usually ILNP has great formulas, I have to say, this one was a bit thick and a little goopy. I was still able to work with it without much difficulty, it was certainly easier to apply than a lot of mainstream brands. But, the thickness was noted and I will probably add a bit of thinner the next time that I use this, just a couple drops though because it is very close to the ideal consistency.

The holo in this polish is incredible, it probably looks from this photo that I had some great lighting and photoshopped it to enhance it. I swear, I did nothing. I have a carboard box with some white tissue paper on it, and two daylight CFLs pointed at it, I took the picture with a DSLR on manual focus and that is it. The only shopping I did was the crop and took out some cat fur and black fuzzies that always end up on my fingers for some reason. I can't even see them until I load the images on the computer and then they drive me nuts. Those are the dangers of owning a black cat and wearing all black, I guess. :p

I also included a bonus macro from a shot that wasn't in focus on my nails but was perfectly in focus of the bottle. It's really not so much a macro as it is just 100% resolution from the original image, but, who cares, it's a macro. It looks like a really awesome iridescent geode.

ILNP - Lulu: $10 (USD)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Daily Hues - Holly


My nails are starting to grow back in nicely and all except one stubborn one are the shape that I like them to be. I was planning on doing some more OPI Hello Kitty swatches but I was looking through my nail polish rack and this one just really stuck out to me. This is the color that I never knew I wanted. This was a polish that my Nail Polish BFF sent me while I was in the US. It's a rich emerald green and a strong holo. It's so gorgeous. The formula was great, it did not pull away from my cuticles as some holos do. It was a bit sheer with one coat but opaque in two coats.

So, here she, is, this is Holly by Daily Hues. Good news is, they do ship internationally and for a very fair price.

Daily Hues - Holly: $9.75 (CAD) Daily Hues

Friday, May 27, 2016

OPI - My Pal Joey


I have been back from vacation for over a week now. I was finally able to go home and visit my family and move a majority of my belongings up here to Canada. I couldn't bring back all of my nail polish due to weight restrictions on the luggage but, I brought back the ones that I liked the most and left the rest with my niece, she was a very happy girl, she also got most of my makeup that I had left there..

As great as the vacation was, I was REALLY in vacation mode and I did not take care of my nails at all. I was gone for 10 days, I didn't use cuticle oil or do any manicures the whole time I was there. I washed the dishes without gloves and I helped my mom move and I broke pretty much every single nail other than my pinkies and ring fingers. So, I am going to hold off on doing nail art and the indie swatches until I can get my nails back into blogging form.

While I was on vacation, I  got some nail mail from my Nail Polish BFF (NPBFF) Carina from Carinae L'etoile's Polish Stash. She was very generous and gifted me the OPI Hello Kitty collection as well a some gorgeous indies. I will share the Hello Kitty collection now and the indies later (they are really awesome). I also got an über mat which I have been wanting for such a long time (I have been using parchment paper for decals). She is a great NPBFF, I met her on EverQuest and I only owned 3 nail polishes when I met her and she showed me her blog. I was interested in getting more into nail polish but I couldn't afford it and she showed me some great online sites to get nail polish cheap (,, and she also sent me a bunch of polishes. That is where my addiction started, I'm not even sure how long ago this was, probably about 8 years ago.

If anyone knows where to get nail polish with a professional discount without needing a license in the Toronto/Scarborough area, please let me know.

Here is My Pal Joey from the OPI Hello Kitty collection, I'm not sure if you can find this collection in stores anymore but, you can for sure find it online. This is a gorgeous blue creme one coater. I used two because I just can't do one coat for some reason. I don't own very many blues, I own a ton of purples, teals and pinks. I'm pretty picky about blues and this is my ideal blue shade. It's vibrant and not washed out. The formula was great.

OPI - My Pal Joey: $3.27 (USD), $10.25 Nail Polish Canada

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Born Pretty Store - Rhinestones, Nail Foil Glue & Shiny Laser Nail Foils

Press Sample


I'm here today with yet another Born Pretty Store review.This mani was very tedious, it took me forever. I do like the results except for my pointer finger which is pretty sloppy.

I tried using these as regular nail foils since they are called nail foils. They are not made of foil, they are colored iridescent cellophane (like fancy wrap for gift baskets). They don't tear away like nail foils do so you have to cut them. Rather than cut them to the shape of my nail, which probably wouldn't turn out well, I decided to do a shatter mani which seems to be the best use for these. I cut a ton of different triangular shapes.

I painted my nails with Zoya - Happi because the foil was pink with a green/gold sheen to it and Happi is very similar. I then put down a coat of nail foil glue which is well worth it if you're doing nail foils. It dries tacky and stays tacky for a very long time so it gave me a long time to position the pieces. I finished with a top coat and then placed the rhinestones with a tweezers before the top coat was dry. The rhinestones were sent for review but I bought the glue and cellophane on my own.

I couldn't choose which picture I liked better so I used both. :p

Cellophane: Born Pretty Store - 10Pcs Mini Rhinestone Size 1.8mm: $2.95 BornPrettyStore

Rhinestones: Born Pretty Store - Shiny Laser Nail Foils Color #1: $1.95 BornPrettyStore
Glue: Born Pretty Store - 8ml Bottle Nail Foil Glue: $3.12 BornPrettyStore
Base Color: Zoya - Happi: $10 Zoya, $10.99 Nail Polish Canada, $7.95 8ty8beauty
Born Pretty Store - Rhinestones, Nail Foil Glue & Shiny Laser Nail Foils
Born Pretty Store - Rhinestones, Nail Foil Glue & Shiny Laser Nail Foils

Press Sample

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Born Pretty Store - Fish Scale Nail Vinyls

Press Sample


I'm here today with another review. For this mani I used the Born Pretty Store Fish Scale Nail Vinyls. Now, I have to say, these are definitely not nail vinyls as I probably should have guessed since they were holographic. They are stickers, I had so many problems with trying to get these to work on my nails, I couldn't get them to stick down properly and I burned through 5 of them and every single attempt looked terrible. I think my nails might be a bit too curvy for a flimsy sticker sheet. I realized after using half of them (no longer having enough for a complete manicure) and a 0% success rate that I had to switch strategies. So, I decided to make decals with them instead.

This worked out much better, it was a bit of a hassle but I was able to use 1 single sticker to create 8 decals before it wouldn't stick to the parchment paper anymore.

I laid down my base color and after that dried I got to work on the decals. I took out some parchment paper and stuck the sticker straight on the parchment paper. Then, I used the Born Pretty Store Mini Round Sponge to pick up Up Colors - Verde 360 and sponged a sheer layer down, then I repeated that with Joe Fresh - Ultra violet and did the same thing with both colors once more. That is how I got a speckled look. I pulled up the sticker and then set it in another spot of the parchment paper and gently wiped it with a cotton pad with acetone on it so that I could reuse it. I stuck it down on another spot and did the same thing. By the 8th decal it was barely sticking but it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Once they were mostly dry, I put down a top coat and let that dry and pulled them off with a tweezers

Once I completed my decals, I laid down a top coat (you can use a clear coat, I don't have one) and placed the decal on the nail and gently pressed it into place, pressing down a bit harder near the cuticle. Then I used a manicure scissors to snip away the extra and finished with a top coat. I used a brush dipped in acetone to clean up the edges.

So, my advice for these stickers would be to not even bother putting them on your nail (unless you plan on just using them as a sticker), just make decals. Also, I really love the mini round sponges. They provide a nice texture and it comes with a handle to place it in for easy stamping. The best part about it was that I was able to clean them out with acetone afterwards and they are good as new. 

If you place an order with Born Pretty Store, you can use Code: UYG10 to get 10% off.

Nail Stickers: Born Pretty Store - Fish Scale Nail Vinyls: $1.59 BornPrettyStore
Sponges: Born Pretty Store - Mini Round Sponge: $1.99 BornPrettyStore
Base Color: Femme Fatale - Apothecary: $14.30 Color4Nails
Scale Colors: 
Up Colors - Verde 360: $7 Ninja Polish
Joe Fresh - Ultra Violet: $4 Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, Joe Fresh

Press Sample