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Girly Bits - Get Weaponized and Nail Care Bundle Review


Today I am sharing with you my most recent nail mail. I have had my eye on Pam's Girly Bits for a few years now (that sounds bad) and after nearly 3 years of living in Canada, I somehow managed to avoid trying any Girly Bits products until now. I know how it happened, but I am kicking myself for not trying her polishes sooner. I usually order large amounts of polish whenever I have birthday money or Christmas money and I try to order them all from the same place to save on shipping (bleh, Canada shipping is so expensive). I was running out of cuticle oil, top coat and base coat and the shipping for Glisten & Glow was just way more than I could afford so I decided to try elsewhere for a temporary solution until I could order some to my mom's house in the states and go pick it up when I visit in May. That's how I came upon Girly Bits, which is based in Ontario, Canada. I decided to give it a shot, worst case scenario, I'll get more top coat/base coat in May. It turned out being the best case scenario and I think I will be using Girly Bits nail treatments from now on. The shipping is affordable to me and most importantly, she sells huge refill bottles (which is a major reason why I kept ordering HK Girl).

Get Weaponized is a stunning tealquoise (that's the best I can describe the color) holo with fuchsia microglitter. Purple and Teal are my favorite colors so this was a no-brainer on deciding which color to buy. The formula is great and I have no complaints. I love it!

I'm going to get straight to the pictures of the polish and if you're interested, you can read the full review for the nail treatments below. For the next month, Canadian buyers can get 15% off Girly Bits nail polish/treatments at with the code 15OFFCANADA , there is also an automatic 10% discount on nail art products for the next week. There are a lot of cool nail art products I want to try in the future when I can afford them like the Überchic beauty mat and the clear stamper.

Get Weaponized - Girly Bits: $16.50 Girly Bits, $12.50 Harlow & Co., S$18.50 MeiMei's Signatures

Now for the nail treatment reviews. All of these are available in 2oz refills in addition to the 15ml bottles pictured. They all have mixing balls except for the cuticle oil which obviously doesn't need it. There are Nail Care Bundles available which is what I did. You can get a cuticle oil/top coat/base coat for $21, top coat/base coat/liquid latex for $19.75, top coat/base coat/pH plus for $19.75 or top coat/cuticle oil/liquid latex for $19.75. There are more treatments available that I did not try which are: Polish Matte'rs Top Coat (not out of my other matte top coat yet), Stick With Me Base Coat (doesn't sound like it would suit my nail type), Border Patrol Latex Barrier (convenience luxury that I can't afford but would love to have) & pH Plus (I would love to try this but, I can't afford more nail treaments).

What A Rush Quick Dry Top Coat: $8.25 Girly Bits, $10.45 (CAD+tax) Femme Fatale
I will start with my favorite first. I LOVE this top coat. It is basically a thinner version of the usual top coat favorites (Seche Vite, Poshe, G&G HK Girl). This really piqued my interest because I don't like how thick those top coats are (I have to use Seche Restore on them a lot) and I don't wear glitter polishes most of the time so it's usually overkill for me. I just used it for everything because it dried so fast. I've also had shrinkage problems with every other quick dry top coat (Seche, Poshe, HK Girl) and it's always bothered me. I started using HK Girl because bloggers raved about how it didn't cause shrinkage on them and I was disappointed to find that it still caused shrinkage for me (it was an upgrade over Seche/Poshe though in regards to shrinkage).

  • No Shrinkage (pulling away from the tips and cuticle)
  • Easier to apply since it's thinner than other popular quick dry top coats.
  • It smells about 50% as bad as the other popular quick dry top coats.
  • It dries faster than the other popular quick dry top coats because it's a thinner coat.
  • Available in large refill bottles.
  • Faster/Affordable shipping to Canada (since it is being shipped from Canada).
  • There are mixing balls in it!
  • Probably not thick enough to even out a chunky glitter polish (but there is another top coat for that).

Smooth Move Ridge Filling Base Coat: $8.25, Girly Bits
My nails have ridges in them, my nails are also very thin and they break easily so I can't buff the ridges out without making them too frail to maintain any length. Usually a few coats of polish fills them in anyway but some polishes just can't cover them (holos and chrome fishes) so I have to use a ridge filling base coat in those cases. I also have issues with sticky base coats like Orly Bonder because they make my nails peel so, I usually just end up using a ridge filling base coat all of the time. Up until now, I've been using American Classics - Bridge The Ridge which is great except that I have to make a trip to Sally's to get it which has become much more difficult since moving to Toronto because I take public transportation now and it's really expensive to leave the house and it takes forever to get anywhere. This base coat seems very similar, the only difference I've noticed is that it doesn't have a cloudy finish and the application is smoother. American Classics tends to thicken pretty badly by the end of the bottle so hopefully that won't happen with Smooth Move but, I won't know that until I use it all. I highly doubt it will make my nails peel because I only have that problem with sticky base coats.

  • Fills my ridges without being too thick
  • Smooth application, applies evenly.
  • Available in large refill bottles.
  • Faster/Affordable shipping to Canada (since it is being shipped from Canada).
  • None 

Frazzle Fixer Cuticle Oil (Pumpkin Spice): $8.25 Girly Bits, $7.50 Harlow & Co.
I am obsessed with pumpkin spice. I hate pumpkin spice lattes because I hate coffee, but I am obsessed with every thing else pumpkin spice. I want it year round. I can't say I can tell the difference between this cuticle oil and any other cuticle oil, it's all just oil to me and it seems to all work the same. I do like the variety of scents though because I am very into scented things. The pumpkin spice scent doesn't smell much like food but, it does smell exactly like Michael's (craft store) during the fall which is pretty damn good. I always wished I could smell it year round and now I can. I am also excited to use it all up and try another scent, I am eyeing Exotic Coconut for next time. White Peach, Manoi de Tahiti, Caribbean Dream and Pistachio Macaroon all sound really lovely too. I really wish that I could sample them all so I can just order a huge bottle of my favorite. I ordered this in the plastic bottle with the dropper lid but you can order it in a glass bottle with a brush as well. I prefer the dropper because I think that it makes it easier to not apply too much, saving me moneys. The plastic bottle looks deceptively small (it's tall and thin) but, it is 15ml just like the glass bottles.

  • Effective at being cuticle oil (not sure how to word that? lol).
  • Variety of scents.
  • You can get it in a glass bottle with a brush or a plastic bottle with a dropper lid.
  • Faster/Affordable shipping to Canada (since it is being shipped from Canada). 
  • I don't know which scent to get next. 

Glitter Glaze Quick Dry Top Coat: $8.25(CAD) Girly Bits, $10.45 Femme Fatale
I have not tried this one yet so I can't review it quite yet (sorry), I will review it the next time I use a glitter polish and then come back and link it here. From just opening it, sniffing it and checking the viscosity by letting it drip off the brush, I can tell you a few things. It is definitely thicker than the What a Rush Top Coat but it is thinner and less smelly than Seche/Poshe/HK Girl.

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