Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Femme Fatale - Ghostwoven

Hello Everyone!

Before I get to the polish, I would just like to say, I've attached a personal bit of information after the jump, but the polish is up first so you can choose to skip it.

Today, I have Ghostwoven.  I knew I had to have this color as soon as I started seeing swatches. I really love everything Femme Fatale does with their polishes and I'm so glad that Color4Nails stocks them with great shipping rates to Canada. I would definitely suggest Color4Nails to Canadians because they probably have the most fair shipping rates for Canada that I have seen out of any other US stockists, especially since Llarowe shut down (for the most part).

This is a turquoise polish with a rich gold shimmer,small round holographic chunky glitter and a small amount of slightly larger white hex glitter. There is a very subtle pink/purple shimmer that pokes out at extreme angles which unfortunately I do not have the photography skills to capture (you can see it a tiny bit). But, honestly, this is more true to color anyway because the pink/purple shimmer isn't actually visible most of the time but, it is a very fun surprise and adds dimension in real life. This polish really captures the light so beautifully and seems to have a haunting spectral glow, which is why I am guessing it is named Ghostwoven.

This is part of their 4th Anniversary trio, that is why the cost is so expensive. I really hate when things get bundled. But, I really needed this color, so I just went ahead and bought it with the birthday money I had saved up.

Femme Fatale - Ghost Woven (Sanctum Trio): $35 Color4Nails, $30 Shiro Cosmetics, $38 Live Love Polish 

For 2016, I didn't make an official New Year's Resolution, but, I do want to get back into blogging more.

I'm hoping to go back to posting more soon. The main problem I've run into blogging over the past year is lack of funds. The first couple years that I started blogging, I was spending so much on nail polish, I was hoping to eventually start getting offers to do swatching and I submitted tons of applications. I have had a couple opportunities to do press samples which I am very thankful for. Unfortunately, it's been so long and my nail polish budget has become so small that I don't ever see myself being the super successful nail blogger that I had dreamed of in the beginning. It's nobody's fault really but my own. I moved to Canada and with international shipping being so expensive, most indie companies can't afford to send press samples internationally. I was accepted to swatch by China Glaze in the US before I moved but... then, I moved. I also haven't been able to work for the past 3 years since I have been in the immigration system, I made Permanent Resident in the end of October so I am able to work in Canada now but I will be waiting until summer because I need to visit my family first. I haven't seen my family in 3 years since I have not been allowed to leave the country either. So, on top of location and lack of content, I have a lot of social anxiety which makes networking very difficult.

That's alright though, I am happy with what I am doing. I need to get back to the love of painting my nails for just myself without putting pressure on myself to get more followers. So, I can't promise I will be very consistent in posting ever, sometimes I will have money for nail polish, sometimes I won't. Over the last year, my husband and I were saving for a down payment on a house, we got a house, and then we spent a ton more money on house stuff that we only found out we needed after buying a house. That, coupled with some medical bills over the summer since I wasn't yet eligible for insurance in Canada gave me $0 to spend on nail polish. I'm not trying to throw myself a pity party, I just feel like I owe an explanation for why I keep saying I will post more and then I do... and then it stops again. I did get some money for Christmas which I have spent on nail polish and nail art supplies! So, hopefully as these come in, I can swatch and review them on my own time for my own enjoyment. Thank you to everybody that has stuck with me and kept reading even though I post so inconsistently, it means a lot to me. So sorry for the novel, I hope it doesn't come off the wrong way, I just feel bad when I don't post for so long.

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