Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Born Pretty Store - Fish Scale Nail Vinyls

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I'm here today with another review. For this mani I used the Born Pretty Store Fish Scale Nail Vinyls. Now, I have to say, these are definitely not nail vinyls as I probably should have guessed since they were holographic. They are stickers, I had so many problems with trying to get these to work on my nails, I couldn't get them to stick down properly and I burned through 5 of them and every single attempt looked terrible. I think my nails might be a bit too curvy for a flimsy sticker sheet. I realized after using half of them (no longer having enough for a complete manicure) and a 0% success rate that I had to switch strategies. So, I decided to make decals with them instead.

This worked out much better, it was a bit of a hassle but I was able to use 1 single sticker to create 8 decals before it wouldn't stick to the parchment paper anymore.

I laid down my base color and after that dried I got to work on the decals. I took out some parchment paper and stuck the sticker straight on the parchment paper. Then, I used the Born Pretty Store Mini Round Sponge to pick up Up Colors - Verde 360 and sponged a sheer layer down, then I repeated that with Joe Fresh - Ultra violet and did the same thing with both colors once more. That is how I got a speckled look. I pulled up the sticker and then set it in another spot of the parchment paper and gently wiped it with a cotton pad with acetone on it so that I could reuse it. I stuck it down on another spot and did the same thing. By the 8th decal it was barely sticking but it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Once they were mostly dry, I put down a top coat and let that dry and pulled them off with a tweezers

Once I completed my decals, I laid down a top coat (you can use a clear coat, I don't have one) and placed the decal on the nail and gently pressed it into place, pressing down a bit harder near the cuticle. Then I used a manicure scissors to snip away the extra and finished with a top coat. I used a brush dipped in acetone to clean up the edges.

So, my advice for these stickers would be to not even bother putting them on your nail (unless you plan on just using them as a sticker), just make decals. Also, I really love the mini round sponges. They provide a nice texture and it comes with a handle to place it in for easy stamping. The best part about it was that I was able to clean them out with acetone afterwards and they are good as new. 

If you place an order with Born Pretty Store, you can use Code: UYG10 to get 10% off.

Nail Stickers: Born Pretty Store - Fish Scale Nail Vinyls: $1.59 BornPrettyStore
Sponges: Born Pretty Store - Mini Round Sponge: $1.99 BornPrettyStore
Base Color: Femme Fatale - Apothecary: $14.30 Color4Nails
Scale Colors: 
Up Colors - Verde 360: $7 Ninja Polish
Joe Fresh - Ultra Violet: $4 Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, Joe Fresh

Press Sample

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  1. I think I just may have to buy these! Loving this.