Friday, April 8, 2016

CoverGirl TruNaked eyeshadow palette - Nudes


I'm back again. March was a busy month for me, it was good news and bad news. If you're interested in the personal stuff, it is in the Read More section.

I meant to have this post put out a short time after the Roses and Goldens but as stated below, that did not work as planned. So, the one I am guessing is the most popular, here is CoverGirl TruNaked in Nudes. I swatched Roses and Goldens first because I thought that they were the most unique. I really love all 3 palettes because they are all very flattering on very pale skin as long as I stay away from the darker shades at the end. The Urban Decay palettes as well as others tend to have a lot of darker colors and very few light colors but these have a really great balance of both. As with the others, the formula is surprisingly amazing. They are soft, buttery and blend well. I love the mix of mattes and shimmers. The shimmers look especially fantastic patted on wet as they are below. Champagne is a duplicate color from the Roses palette but, I don't mind because I use it as a highlighter so I use it more frequently than all of the other colors anyway.

Please excuse the huge sticker glue smudge on the cover. I attempted to remove the sticker on the front as I did with the others and it was stubborn and just made a huge ugly smudge. Big mistake. :p

CoverGirl truNAKED eyeshadow palette - Nudes: $12.97(CAD) (9.98 USD), $14.99(CAD) Shoppers Drug Mart, $11.99(USD) Ulta, $12.99(USD) Walgreens / CVS

The good news is, I got all of my cards finished for travel now. the most recent was getting my driver's license switched over which was an important one so that I can legally drive when I go back to the states (I will need to, public transport there is non existent in most areas and terrible in others).
The bad news is that I spent the end of February and all of March attempting to broker merges and recruit and level new players for my guild on Everquest as well as my usual duties which already took a lot of time being an Information Officer which included analyzing log info, writing out and forming raid strategies, studying and listing out spell and effect information as well as making, managing and updating trigger files in game and on the forums as well as creating map graphics to illustrate the strategies.

With my additional duties put on me during that month and some real life stuff going on (a lot of paperwork, trip planning, taking care of a special needs cat and a regular cat, cooking, cleaning and dealing with a hefty load  of personal family drama) I was unable to paint my nails even once, I didn't get to play Guild Wars at all. I was spending about 6+ hours per day on the EverQuest stuff alone. Unfortunately, it was all for nothing and the guild folded anyway due to lack of players to continue raiding. I'm really broken up about it, I've been in the guild for 8 years (the guild itself is 13.5 years old) and the game is in such a sorry state that moving to another server seems like a waste of money. I really poured my heart and soul into the guild and it's gone now which I am sure seems silly to some people but, it was very important to me.

That being said, I should have plenty of time to get back into blogging, it's just a matter of having the resources to keep buying stuff for it at this point.

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