Monday, June 6, 2016

Daily Hues - Holly


My nails are starting to grow back in nicely and all except one stubborn one are the shape that I like them to be. I was planning on doing some more OPI Hello Kitty swatches but I was looking through my nail polish rack and this one just really stuck out to me. This is the color that I never knew I wanted. This was a polish that my Nail Polish BFF sent me while I was in the US. It's a rich emerald green and a strong holo. It's so gorgeous. The formula was great, it did not pull away from my cuticles as some holos do. It was a bit sheer with one coat but opaque in two coats.

So, here she, is, this is Holly by Daily Hues. Good news is, they do ship internationally and for a very fair price.

Daily Hues - Holly: $9.75 (CAD) Daily Hues

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