Friday, July 29, 2016

ILNP - Lulu


It has been a while since my last post but, that is nothing unusual. I fell into a bit of a depression and to be honest, I'm still sort of in it. My life has become pretty stressful with family drama, I can't go into too much detail since I use my real name on here. Anyway, I have been looking for a job for about a month now and not having any luck yet.

Game wise, I am also having a bit of trouble moving on from EverQuest, I am still sad about my guild folding and quitting the game but, our bank account is greatly appreciating it. I have been playing games on Steam, I was really addicted to Stardew Valley for a while and now I have been on a Terraria kick. They are really far removed from Everquest but, I did need something more casual.

So, on top of that I am kind of bummed out that I am turning 30 on August 2nd. I know that isn't something I should be bummed about but, it doesn't stop it. It's a scary number for a woman. Annnd... the Instagram changes are really pissing me off. I knew that they would hurt me as a blogger, what I didn't expect was that it made it impossible to go through my feed and I hardly even use it anymore because it's so disorganized.

Anyway, I decided to paint my nails today, they have gotten pretty long and at this point I need to keep them painted at all times or they will break and it will be a nasty one. It's really a gamble at this point, I love the length bu they are so fragile and if I push it much further, I'm going to break them badly enough that I will have to file them down to nubs.

This is ILNP - Lulu. I love the name because my favorite uncle called me Lulu as a kid after the Little Lulu comic/cartoon. I would not have bought the polish just for the name, even though I would have been tempted. It just so happened to be my favorite color, in a beautiful shade and a holo. So, basically... I love this polish. Now, usually ILNP has great formulas, I have to say, this one was a bit thick and a little goopy. I was still able to work with it without much difficulty, it was certainly easier to apply than a lot of mainstream brands. But, the thickness was noted and I will probably add a bit of thinner the next time that I use this, just a couple drops though because it is very close to the ideal consistency.

The holo in this polish is incredible, it probably looks from this photo that I had some great lighting and photoshopped it to enhance it. I swear, I did nothing. I have a carboard box with some white tissue paper on it, and two daylight CFLs pointed at it, I took the picture with a DSLR on manual focus and that is it. The only shopping I did was the crop and took out some cat fur and black fuzzies that always end up on my fingers for some reason. I can't even see them until I load the images on the computer and then they drive me nuts. Those are the dangers of owning a black cat and wearing all black, I guess. :p

I also included a bonus macro from a shot that wasn't in focus on my nails but was perfectly in focus of the bottle. It's really not so much a macro as it is just 100% resolution from the original image, but, who cares, it's a macro. It looks like a really awesome iridescent geode.

ILNP - Lulu: $10 (USD)

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